Omar Claims Iran’s Right & Trump’s Wrong To Threaten War, Americans Destroy Her

Rep. Ilhan Omar is backing the Iranian regime after their drone strikes hit Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. President Donald Trump immediately told the Iranian Mullahs: “America is locked and loaded.” The Minnesota Congresswoman claims that since Trump “reneged” on Barack Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal, he is wrong and the Iranians have every right to do what they are doing. Well, Americans utterly destroyed her, and her day went from bad to worse. You’ll love this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Rep. Ilhan Omar is digging herself in deeper by making ludicrous statements about Iran and President Donald Trump’s reaction to their drone strikes. It goes far beyond Iran with Omar, who has time and time again shown support for Islamic extremists who are direct enemies to the American people.

Omar ripped President Donald Trump on Monday night over his threats toward Iran, saying the president must avoid a war with Iran.

“This administration reneged on the Iran nuclear deal, put in place crippling sanctions and is now openly threatening war. We must hold this President accountable and avoid another wreckless war!” tweeted the Minnesota Representative.

Then, Omar appeared on CNN to double down on her support for Iran.

“I don’t think Iran really fully cares about that and I don’t think a lot of the world really cares about that,” Omar told CNN’s Erin Burnett of Trump’s “locked and loaded” tweet. “What this president and this administration does is they say a lot of things and they don’t really understand the consequences it has on the world stage.”

Omar also ripped Trump for his decision last year to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, which was initially agreed to by President Barack Obama in 2015.

“None of this would have really have happened if we didn’t put further sanctions that devastated the middle class in Iran and now has put our two countries on the brink of war,” Omar claimed.

Omar has been one of Iran’s biggest defenders in Congress and has blamed U.S. sanctions for Iranian aggression. To say Iran doesn’t care about the Commander in Chief of the biggest military power on earth threatening them with “lock and loaded” is absurd.

Americans are livid with Omar who seems to act more like a representative of Iran than the United States of America. 

“‘None of this would’ve happened if we hadn’t put further sanctions on Iran…’ FACT CHECK: None of the sanctions would’ve happened if IRAN hadn’t tried to build nuclear weapons. Nobody forced Iran to commit an act of war against KSA. Stop acting like it’s our fault,” tweeted Liz Wheeler, a conservative pundit for One America News. 

“What a shocker. Degenerate Omar stands with the inbred Mullah’s of Iran instead of the USA. She really is a cockroach,” tweeted Twitter user “T.R.”

“Wow. You continue to defend a terrorist & rogue regime rather than America, the country you are supposed to be representing/defending as a Congresswoman. Disgusting & shameful!” tweeted Donya Jam.

@IlhanMN, we the MN voter will be holding you accountable on election day when we vote your a$$ out of office. It will be a good day. The only thing that would be better is the day you are either sent to prison for fraud and perjury or your deported. That would be a great day,” tweeted Joann Wendlandt.

Rep. Omar’s day got worse. The Daily Caller caught her deleting a tweet from 2013 which gave her father’s real name. 

“During the early morning hours Tuesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar deleted a 2013 tweet saying that Nur Said is her father,” Daily Caller reports. “Omar was married to a man named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who may be her own brother. In Somalia, one’s name is normally a first name, the father’s name, and then the grandfather’s name.”

Omar deleted a 2013 post that said her father’s name is Nur Said. “Happy Father’s Day to my aabo Nur Said, I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father a…” the Minnesota Democrat said in the June 2013 post.

Screenshot of Ilhan Omar’s deleted tweet.

By Tuesday morning, the six-year-old tweet had disappeared.

The Father’s Day tweet links to an Instagram post that had previously been deleted, which likely would have finished the sentence in the tweet.

In 2016, Power Line’s David Steinberg and Alpha News’ Preya Samsundar published Instagram and Facebook screenshots suggesting that Omar married her brother. But the Instagram posts are now deleted, leading the media to treat the screenshots with caution.

The Minnesota Star-Tribune reported in June that Elmi was “possibly her own brother,” but noted that it was unable to obtain the original social media posts shared by Power Line and Alpha News.

Rep. Omar’s actions of deleting tweets points to an ongoing cover-up by the Minnesota Congresswoman and her campaign. She can no longer function as an effective member of Congress. Someone close to her really should insist she come clean for the good of the American people. The problem is all her actions and statements point to a woman who cares nothing about what is good for the American people.

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