PETA Goes Off The Deep End With Series Of Messages Dictating Words You Can Say

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Animal rights group “PETA” has a long history of interfering in the private lives of Americans. Their campaigns to end eating meat and wearing fur are built around guilting us into changing our lifestyles. Now, they’ve gone off the deep end with a series of messages aimed at controlling the very words we say.

These are the people who want to police what you can or can’t say. (Photo Credit: David Shankbone/Flickr)

With each passing day, liberals become more and more like the tyrants from 1984. In that book, “Big Brother” dictated the everyday actions of citizens. What you were allowed to think, say, wear, eat, even who you were allowed to see, was determined by controlling overlords.

Today, Democrats want to become our society’s overlords. They attack just about every freedom Americans have. We know all about how liberals attack our Second Amendment rights. Some liberal groups attack our religious rights, forcing Christians to betray their very faith. Others use the concept of “hate speech” to limit our freedom to express ourselves.

PETA regularly pushes radical, far-left views in order to “protect” animals (except when they are the ones killing them). They have tried to guilt Americans out of eating beef, fish, and chicken. They are the ones who will throw red paint on your clothes if you are unlucky enough to be wearing fur in their presence (or even wool or leather).

Now, they’ve decided what words we’re allowed to say and what words and phrase they’ve deemed unacceptable.

PETA’s request to replace “anti-animal language” in everyday conversation was met with ridicule and criticism after the animal rights group compared popular meat-related expressions to racism and homophobia.

Just as it became unacceptable to use racist, homophobic, or ableist language, phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will vanish as more people begin to appreciate animals for who they are and start ‘bringing home the bagels’ instead of the bacon,” PETA said Tuesday in a tweet. [Source: Fox News]

No, this is not a very late April Fool’s prank. The group that thinks it can make all Americans vegan wants you to stop saying “bring home the bacon.” Because, you know, that’s so anti-animal of you! But, that’s not all.

In fact, the group released a list of phrases that you better change, or else!

Stop saying “Kill two birds with one stone,” lest you be called a speciesist.

I find it hilarious that a group made up of clearly brain-dead hippies think it has the moral high ground to dictate speech to Americans. As if saying “take the bull by the horns” is the same as mistreating animals.

It’s clear PETA bit off more than they could chew this time. Even liberals were outraged that PETA would compare the mistreatment of animals with actual injustice like racism.

But, as pathetic as their attempt to police a Free Speech society is, it’s a dangerous and growing trend among liberals. For years, they’ve pushed the notion of “hate speech” as a means to destroy our First Amendment rights.

Because, if there really are phrases and words that can harm as much as actions, then we can’t say them, can we? How far will that go? How many things will you be banned from saying, just so liberals feel better about themselves?

They already ban conservatives from speaking at college campuses. They already call anyone right of center racist Nazis. It’s clear they want to reshape our society so only “approved” individuals are allowed to share their views. The rest of us? We better shut up!

Don’t be shocked to see that some people will actually follow their advice. There are always those who will blindly follow the latest trend — as dumb as it is. But, will you? Or will you stand against it? SHARE if you refuse to change what you say to make PETA feel better.