Reiner: Melania Booed for Being ‘Married to a Criminal’ – Americans Destroy Him

Rob Reiner attacked First Lady Melania Trump last night. The Hollywood leftist claimed the first lady was “booed” at an opioid event over other people’s hatred for her husband. “Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a first lady being booed. But when you’re married to a criminal who’s destroying democracy, it comes with the territory,” he said. Well, that’s when poor Rob was set straight about Melania by Americans who utterly destroyed him. He didn’t know what hit him. You’ll love this.

First Lady Melania Trump, Rob Reiner (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Left-wing Hollywood actor-director Rob Reiner attacked First Lady Melania Trump after she was booed as she took the stage on Tuesday to speak at a Baltimore high school about the opioid crisis crippling whole swaths of the country. Reiner forgets to mention this is Baltimore, where 99% voted for Hillary Clinton.

“Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a First Lady being booed. But when you’re married to a Criminal who’s destroying Democracy, it comes with the territory,” Rob Reiner said.

In case you missed these Baltimore high school deadbeats booing our first lady, you didn’t miss much. No wonder Baltimore is a rat-infested, drug-infested, crime-infested hell hole. Even the teens of this Baltimore high school prove they are nothing but a bunch of disrespectful thugs who appear they were raised by a pack of wolves.

It just goes to the very heart of the problems in many Democrat-run inner cities. The kids are raised to disrespect all authority figures. Most of these kids who booed Melania can’t even read, and one study found one-third of these students had zero proficiency in math.

Booing the first lady today, populating our prisons tomorrow. It’s a sick cycle that Rob Reiner’s beloved Democrat Party created, and now he applauds it:

Regardless of the boos and jeers, our first lady is no wilting flower. Melania Trump didn’t allow those ungrateful delinquents to stop her from delivering her message.  

“I am in this fight with you and I am fighting for you,” Mrs. Trump said. “Promoting education and awareness on these issues will always be one of my top priorities. I am in this fight with you and I am fighting for you. I encourage you, if you are struggling with addiction right now, reach out for support — whether it’s a teacher, parent, friend, grandparent, coach or pastor, talk to an adult in your life that you trust. It is never too late to ask for help.”

Well, Americans destroyed Rob Reiner by making it crystal clear his attack of Melania reflects his own demented mind, and he should be ashamed. 

Are you proud that you gin up the crazies by saying something shitty about Melania? After reading this thread I need a shower. Shame on you. #BeBest. Was Michael Obama ever booed?” tweeted Harriet Baldwin. 

“Hey Meathead! I am so going to love it when President Trump wins a second term and all you asshats whine and cry about it! Melania Trump is a Real First Lady, something you are not familiar with! You were a loser and are still a loser. I am going to do the same thing to Moochele!” tweeted “LoisLaneAmericaWon.”

“Melania got booed because a bunch of disrespectful teens were encouraged by their lib teachers/parents. You can’t tell me a single teen could cite any Trump policy that they oppose,” tweeted “Suzie#Q.”

“The Left has destroyed all civil discourse. They act horribly and have the gall to blame trump for their behavior. Disgusting Rob Reiner endorses booing the first lady. Rob Reiner is the face of the Dem Party, ugly, smug and a hypocrite,” tweeted “ReaNichols.”

“No sweetie, the ‘Booing’ just showed how much we have LOST as a country and how Disrespectful our young have become. Oh, and also a Catastrophic Parental Failure,” tweeted Herman Vogel.

There was once a time in this great nation when the president and first lady could travel anywhere and they would be received with all respect and civility. It didn’t matter who people voted for, the office of the president and the first lady deserve respect, period.

When you see a group of teens at a school event booing the first lady of the United States, idiots like Rob Reiner totally miss the real issue. Reiner is so brainwashed and is so wrapped up in his deranged hatred of Trump, he mistakes uneducated Baltimore thugs “boos” as some deep political statement. Those poor ghetto teens wouldn’t know what a “political statement” is if it hit them in the face.

These kids can’t read or do math.

Their “heroes” are rap stars and the top drug dealer in their neighboorhood, and Reiner thinks they booed Melania because they don’t like Trump’s political positions, and they think he is taking away our democracy?

What an assinine thing to say. They booed and jeered Melania because that’s what uneducated street thugs do. They boo everyone in authority. But we shouldn’t be too hard on Meathead.

Being an actor doesn’t really qualify him as one of America’s “great minds,” and poor Rob has demonstrated time and time again he is just a brainwashed Trump-hater who still believes the president colluded with the Russians. In other words, Rob Reiner is extremely delusional and he can’t face reality, and no one takes him seriously. It’s a sad state we all have come to know as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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