Biden Campaign Gets Nasty Surprise In Swing States, Leftwing Media Tries To Bury It

Joe Biden and his campaign had announced he would not be making any appearances until Thursday. But that all changed after they got a nasty surprise in the battleground states. They were so shocked by what they saw in the swing states that they immediately got Joe out to a location in Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon. The leftwing media is trying to bury it. You’ll love this.

Joe Biden (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Joe Biden’s campaign is getting trounced by Republican voters in the all-important battleground states. Early voting typically goes to the Democrats. Usually, the early Democrat voters handily beat the GOP numbers.

That’s what happened in 2016. You see, more Republicans vote on Election Day. However, something out of the ordinary is going on in the swing states that caused the Biden campaign to really freak out on Monday.

First, we got the news that Rassumssen’s latest presidential nationwide numbers had Trump at 48 percent to Biden at 47 percent. That’s a mainstream poll. However, it was the first time any poll had the president beating Biden.

The really shocking numbers came from the early voters in the swing states. 

“BREAKING: THE POLLS ARE WRONG! Republicans now lead in Wisconsin in number of ballots returned! – Republican ballots: 42% – Democrat ballots: 36%,” tweeted “Sam” along with a graphic showing the numbers:

Then, more bad news for the Biden campaign came out of Pennslyvania, and The New York Times buried this paragraph at the end of a piece on the election:

“Troubling for Mr. Biden in a different way is the fact that he has not yet matched Mrs. Clinton’s share of support in Philadelphia proper,” they report. “Averaging the results of the two recent polls, he has the backing of 73 percent of Philadelphia voters, down from 83 percent for Mrs. Clinton in 2016. According to the Times/Siena poll, Mr. Trump was supported by 24 percent of Philadelphians, nine points ahead of his exit poll numbers in 2016.”

Trump is +24 percent in Philly? Nine points ahead of his numbers in 2016 and with early voters? What? Philadelphia is a Democratic stronghold. No wonder the Biden campaign immediately got Joe back on the campaign trail.

Florida has also been a real shocker for the Democrats. 

“FL In Person Early Vote HOLY COW! Rs hit the afterburners, now adding about 5,000 per HALF Hour Rs +285,051 Palm Beach down to D +888. Not a typo,” tweeted Larry Schweikart, who is noted author and professor and an expert in GOP polling.

In Florida, Republican early voters are trouncing the Democrats. This is unheard of. The few Democrats who are speaking about this big GOP lead are chalking it up to the covid crisis.

North Carolina is also showing great numbers for the GOP. 

“Interesting from NC interactive map by ‘Freeper’ byecomey: *Rs doing better by 3 points with blacks than 2016 (when they were down from 2012!) *Rs doing better with women than 2016 *Rs doing better with SENIORS by 1.7% than 2016 Wait, what?” tweeted Larry Schweikart.

In Nevada, the Democrats have a huge problem.

Hillary Clinton barely eked out a win in 2016 getting  47.92 percent of the vote, while Trump took 45.5 percent. Now, the Associated Press is warning the GOP is outdoing the Democrats in early voting.

“In Nevada, where Democrats usually dominate in-person early voting but the state decided to send a mail ballot to every voter this year, the GOP has a 42,600 voter edge,” AP reports. 

You would think the mainstream media would take this AP report and use it for a news story about this election cycle. That’s not going to happen. The Democrats are well aware of what is going on, and they have only one play left.

The Democrats will claim the election was stolen. They will also get their media allies to refuse to announce who won on Election Night. 

Bloomberg contributor Attorney Robert Barnes exposes mainstream pollster Nate Silver’s motives of covering up the early voting numbers.

Silver rose to prominence after correctly forecasting 49 of the 50 states in the 2008 presidential election. In 2016, Silver bombed by predicting Clinton had a 71.4 percent chance and Trump had only a 28.6 percent chance of winning the election.

Conservative pundits noticed he sold out to the Democrats. Which brings us to Barnes’ take on a recent tweet by Silver.

“If the polls aren’t tightening since the debate—and with 62 million people having voted—we’re sort of getting to the point where the only way Trump can win is with a major polling error, bigger than in 2016 (or if the election is stolen somehow),” Silver tweeted failing to mention all the data that bodes very badly for the Biden campaign.

Barnes responded: “This shows how dangerous a fraud @NateSilver538 is. His gatekeeping role pushing bogus narratives around unreliable, biased media polls now has an evident, manifest purpose: to claim a Trump victory is ‘stolen.’ This is why scam artists like Nate pose a danger to democracy.”

We see the one move left the Democrats and their cohorts are going to make. 

Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all in cahoots with the Democrats and have announced they will not allow anyone to claim victory on Election Night.

That’s why it is imperative that Trump supporters realize what is going on and get ready for this onslaught of bogus reports on Election Night. The mainstream media will say the numbers coming in showing a Trump victory aren’t the total story.

They will say we have to wait for all the mail-in ballots to be counted days later. We have always had mail-in ballots, and never was that the reason we had to wait to see who won the presidential election. Mail-in ballots don’t come in only on Election Night.

In fact, most of them come in days before and are easily counted. We must push back against this narrative. At least we know the Democrats’ game plan. Let’s make sure we get this information out to as many Americans as possible, and then we should all say a prayer for our president.

He is willing to take on this barrage of hate to ensure our country is not ruled by despots and tyrants. Trump has had our back, so we must have his back when the Democrats deploy their bogus Election Night narrative.

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