Rush Asks: ‘What’s the Difference Between Kamala & Stormy?’ Harris Freaks Out

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Rush Limbaugh was on fire yesterday, setting his sights on presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. The former District Attorney is making headlines with her “Medicare for all” plan and has a lot of explaining to do about her extra-marital affair with the slimy Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco. Rush asked, “What’s the difference between Kamala Harris and Stormy?” And what the radio host said after that made Kamala freak out. You’ll love this.

Kamala Harris (left) Rush Limbaugh (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Rush Limbaugh is the one man who really has his finger on the pulse of the American electorate. The radio icon has been entrenched in American politics for over 30 years and has the most listened to talk show with 13.5 million unique listeners weekly. Currently, he is taking about Kamala Harris, and she doesn’t like it.

“Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh led off his show discussing Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). While teasing it, he noted that his friends, presumably Republican-leaning, were concerned about Harris’ 2020 run for the Democratic presidential nomination,” Breitbart reported. 

While noting Harris’ prior association with slimy Willie Brown, Limbaugh posed the question, “What’s the difference between Stormy Daniels and Kamala Harris?” The Trump-supporting radio host was half in jest and half serious.

“I’m gonna just tell you, based on the stuff that my friends are sending me, there are a lot of people on our side scared to death of Kamala Harris. They are sending me things about Kamala Harris and telling me what they don’t like about her and what we ought to all be worried about,” stated Rush.

“Now, largely that’s a creation of media. It’s so frustrating. My closest friends, I try, I tell ’em, ‘Take what you watch and what you see on CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, whatever, and just ignore it, try ignoring it or try not believing it, or try understanding that it’s agenda-driven.’ These are smart people. It’s what depresses me about the effort to educate people on how to deal with the media,” Limbaugh warned.

Rush is right. It’s already started, my friends. The mainstream media is pushing Kamala down our throats, just hoping we will buy their lies. CNN glorified the far-leftist with a glitzy town hall. It was like listening to Pravda, the old Soviet regime’s propaganda network that would feed the Russian citizens nothing but dressed-up lies.

And Rush knows this presidential campaign is just getting started, Harris is just the first one to grab headlines. 

“When somebody else announces and has a rally then they’ll go get big news, but it’s obvious the media right now is all into Kamala Harris, so I have a Kamala Harris stack coming up. I’m sitting here, I’m trying to figure out what’s the difference between Stormy Daniels and Kamala Harris? Well, I mean, stop and think about it. What is the real difference?” Limbaugh said.

And then Rush let his massive audience know just what he thinks about her political skills. “Now, when I’ve watched Kamala Harris as a senator, say, on the Senate Judiciary Committee questioning judicial nominees during confirmation hearings, I’ve literally thought that she doesn’t have much of a brain. Her questions are stupid, they’re insolent, they are predictable, they are cliched, she doesn’t wait for answers, she’s speechifying, opinionating and all this, and I thought I was watching intellectual laziness,” Limbaugh concluded.

He did give her credit for her new polished act we saw on CNN and surmised she is the female version of Barack Obama now that she is all shiny and poised thanks to her handlers. Well, poor Kamala didn’t like that at all. Of course, she couldn’t be caught giving Rush a direct hit over the Willie Brown comment, so she sent her lemmings in the mainstream media to do her dirty work.

Enter Joan Walsh, the crazy feminist who is a big deal with the leftist elite as a correspondent for The Nation and a political analyst at CNN. Also, she’s a huge Kamala Harris supporter. There is no doubt Walsh was called to make the big bad Trump supporters stop talking about Harris’ affair with Brown. Walsh must have been told to spin the hell out of a 60-year-old married politician bedding his 29-year-old protege as she gets a quid-pro-quo of two lucrative job assignments.

And Walsh starts by making Kamala the victim thanks to the “wingnuts” on the right. “The day began with the right wing buzzing over a supposed bombshell from former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, ‘confirming’ what has never been a secret,” Walsh began. “Worse than that were the lurid rumors about their relationship I heard ‘on background’—from other Democrats.”

Well, ask Brown’s wife of 36 years how she felt about her husband taking up with a 29-year-old woman. Maybe slimy Willie and Kamala should have been more discreet.

Then, Kamala Harris’ buddy claimed it really wasn’t an affair. “Others are taking a moralizing approach: Brown was ‘married,’ so she conducted an extramarital affair. Newsflash: While living in the San Francisco Bay Area and even working under Speaker Willie Brown in the California State Assembly, it took me years to learn that the Democratic leader was still married. That’s because he was a notorious womanizer,” Walsh said.

And Walsh wasted no time to scream about misogyny, no surprises here, saying, “It showed that misogyny is a hell of a drug, on the left as well as on the right…Harris, who began her career in her 30s, is now attacked for being young and glamorous and, for a while when she was single, dating a so-called cheating spouse,” concluded Walsh.

Yeah, that’s the thing. It matters not that she was single, but she was very aware he was married. That means it was an extra-marital affair, otherwise known as breaking the sixth commandment, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Oh, but the leftist start screaming about Stormy and Donald Trump.

Well, if that liaison happened, Trump wasn’t sleeping his way to the top to further his career. He didn’t publicize it the way Kamala and Brown ran around in public shaming his wife. This in no way exonerates Trump, if he did have that liaison with Stormy. But as Rush was pointing out, it’s Kamala who was selling herself to get ahead. And now we have the leftists trying to shame Americans for calling her out.

That’s how the mainstream media rolls. They excoriate the president for something by all accounts he was trying to keep quiet. But when it comes to their female Obama, all bets are off. Kamala Harris deserves to be scrutinized as all presidential candidates are, she gets no pass just because she’s upset.

Let the truth come out, it will set us all free by opening the eyes of Americans. If and when we have the first female president, it will be a woman of character who will support and defend the Constitution, who will put America first. And we all know that’s not Kamala Harris.

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