Schiff: GOP Would’ve Impeached Obama Over Ukraine Call, Bongino Torches Him

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Adam Schiff spent his weekend attempting to sway Americans to support his sham impeachment hearings, claiming he has proven without any doubt an airtight case against President Donald Trump. “If Barack Obama had done this, [the GOP] would have voted to impeach him in a heartbeat,” Schiff said. That’s when Dan Bongino torched Schiff’s remarks and proved he is a blatant liar. You’ll love this.

Rep. Adam Schiff, Dan Bongino (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Adam Schiff got some really bad news over the weekend, and now his entire political career is in jeopardy. Nancy Pelosi gave Schiff his heart’s desire when she tapped him to take over the reins on Trump’s impeachment from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler last September.

Historically, impeachment hearings happen in the Judiciary Committee, but after Nadler botched his first try at open impeachment hearings, Pelosi regrouped and switched the hearings to Schiff’s House Intel Committee.

Most people are unaware that the Democrats’ first try at their “impeachment inquiry” happened on September 17. The New York Times reported on September 17: “Under sharp questioning from Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee conducting an impeachment inquiry, Mr. [Cory]Lewandowski refused to provide new details about his encounters with Mr. Trump beyond what the special counsel documented.”

That first impeachment inquiry has been buried by the Democrats and their media co-conspirators.

Why? It was a complete and utter disaster. That’s why Pelosi gave it to Schiff who then took the entire circus behind closed doors for “auditions.” Schiff only allowed certain witnesses to testify in the open hearings he thought could best support his impeachment narrative, and still, it was another disaster.

Which brings us to Adam Schiff’s desperate attempt to convince Americans his public impeachment hearings last week proved the president should be impeached. In fact, Schiff went so far as to claim the GOP would have done the same thing to Barack Obama under the same circumstances.

“I would hope that there would be Republicans who would be willing to step forward and say, ‘Whatever the political consequences–'” Schiff told CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union Sunday morning. “If this was Barack Obama had done this, they would have voted to impeach him in a heartbeat, with a fraction of the evidence.”

“It shouldn’t matter that this is a Republican president,” he continued. “I hope to hell that had this been a Democratic president, I would be among those leading the way saying we need to seriously consider impeaching this president.”

Well, Dan Bongino stepped in and really torched Shifty Schiff. 

Fox & Friends interviewed Bongino this morning and asked him about Schiff’s remarks including the California Democrat’s claim that he is baffled why the GOP would call him to be a “witness” in the impeachment hearings.

“Schiff’s a material fact witness,” Bongino said. “He said forever he has this phantom evidence on this whole Russian collusion scandal he doesn’t have. He also has already admitted that he and his team had contact with the whistleblower. So, he is a fact witness of how this whole thing developed.”

“But wait, wait,” Bongino continued. “We gotta rewind the tape here. Is he serious? Is Adam Schiff kidding me that the Republicans would have impeached Barack Obama—if —if he would have done what? Whisper in the ear of the Russian President on a hot mic ‘hey man I’ll have a lot more flexibility’ with a wink and a nod after my election. If—if he would have shipped a pallet of hard cash to the ‘death to Americans’ Iranians?”

“I mean, is this for real?” Bongino asked. “Barack Obama, if he would have usurped power by instituting DACA and DAPA when it’s not in his executive authority? To use prosecutorial discretion that way? The Republicans would have impeached him—if he did it? He did it. Obama did it and Trump didn’t. This has got to be a really bad joke Schiff is playing…he is just poking us now, guys.”

Wow. Dan Bongino nailed it again. 

Schiff is grasping at straws. The really bad news the Democrats got this last weekend was that after they put on their public show trials, the American people aren’t going along with their impeachment narrative.

“Support for Impeachment is dropping like a rock, down into the 20’s in some Polls. Dems should now get down to work and finally approve USMCA, and much more!” tweeted President Trump this morning.

The Republicans never considered impeaching Barack Obama even though there were plenty of reasons why they could have. Impeachment is the last resort, and any Congressman who is committed to the Founding Fathers’ principles on impeachment knows there is only one reason why it is used in the direst of circumstances.

Impeachment invalidates the will of the American people. 

Impeachment is Congress invalidating an election. It is Congress reversing who We the People decided to lead our nation. And as much as many of us hated Barack Obama as our president, we also knew to impeach him would create a dangerous precedent. It would mean impeachment is not the last resort and elections are not the final word. Whoever has the majority in Congress can just impeach the president on any bogus charges.

The Democrats refuse to answer the question: why not just wait a year for the next election? They know the answer is because Trump will be re-elected, and that my fellow Americans is the crux of this entire situation. This impeachment sham is just the Democrats’ last ditched effort to hopefully sway Americans to not re-elect Donald Trump.

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