Schiff Destroyed By His Own Words: ‘Obama’s Duty To Investigate Candidate Trump’

It was a very bad day for Adam Schiff. While he was trying to wrap up his impeachment case Friday morning, allies of President Donald Trump hit him hard. The California Democrat has destroyed his entire impeachment case with his own words…from April 2019. That’s when Schiff defended former President Barack Obama saying he had “a duty to investigate candidate Donald Trump for corruption.” But that’s not all. You don’t want to miss this.

Adam Schiff, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Lead House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff argued less than a year ago in the Washington Post that a president had a duty to investigate a candidate from the rival party if he was suspected of foreign corruption.

Schiff, reacting to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on “Russia collusion,” justified the Barack Obama administration’s counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign and said Mueller should have included it.

Schiff wrote that investigating a potential president — even from the opposition — was an urgent matter of national security if there were reasons to believe that candidate was working for, or beholden to, a foreign country.

He wrote (emphasis added):

Counterintelligence investigations differ from criminal investigations in their means, scope and ultimate disposition. Their goal is not successful prosecutions, but to identify and mitigate threats to national security. If a foreign power possessed compromising information on a U.S. government official in a position of influence, that is a counterintelligence risk. If a foreign power possessed leverage, or the perception of it, over the president, that is a counterintelligence nightmare.

Schiff added that the public deserved to see the material that the FBI found on the Trump campaign. (We know today that the FBI lied to the FISA court to obtain surveillance warrants on a Trump aide.)

Today, Schiff and the Democrats are arguing that it is an impeachable offense for a president to investigate foreign corruption by a potential president from the opposition — even when, as in the Bidens’ case, former Vice President Joe Biden had a clear conflict of interest while his son, Hunter, was on the board of Ukrainian company Burisma.

According to Schiff just last April, it is not an impeachable offense, but an urgent matter of national security for a president to investigate his potential successor.

It is the president’s duty… unless the president is Donald J. Trump.

And of that wasn’t devastating enough for Schiff, his team of House Managers also were caught blatantly lying to the American people. Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) opened the fourth day of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump by mocking the idea that Trump cared about corruption in Ukraine. “It’s difficult to even say that with a straight face,” he said.

Well, he’s the one who is ruing the day now after fact-checkers caught him lying to the American people.

CLAIM: President Donald Trump never cared about corruption in Ukraine.

VERDICT: FALSE. Democrats’ own investigation showed that he did — long before Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Burisma were an issue.

“Crow, who has also been blaming President Trump — falsely — for Ukrainian deaths, repeated the false claim made by lead House impeachment manager Adam Schiff (D-CA) earlier this week that Trump only cared about corruption in Ukraine once it involved former Vice President Joe Biden, his potential rival in the 2020 presidential election,” Breitbart reports. 

State Department official Catherine Croft testified in her closed-door deposition in Schiff’s “basement bunker” at the House Intelligence Committee that Trump was particularly concerned about corruption in Ukraine, even to the point of lecturing then-President Poroshenko — in front of his whole delegation — about it:

Croft: The President was skeptical of providing weapons to Ukraine.

Q: Why?

A: When this was discussed, including in front of the Ukrainian delegation, in fnont of President Poroshenko, he described his concerns being that Ukraine was corrupt, that it was capable of being a very rich country, and that the United States shouldn’t pay for it, but instead, we should be providing aid through loans.

The Democrats’ argument is that merely mentioning Burisma — widely considered corrupt — and Joe Biden and Hunter Biden — whom President Trump believed to have behaved corruptly — does not count as discussing “corruption” because Trump used specific examples rather than the general term.

It is a distinction that makes no logical sense — and actually emphasizes the case that the Bidens should testify if witnesses are called.

In fact, Schiff is so inept as an attorney that he has left his side wide open. It’s Schiff who has time and time again brought up Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in this Senate trial. Legally, that opens up the president’s attorneys to call Joe and Hunter Biden as witnesses.

Adam Schiff’s hatred for Donald Trump has caused him to make blunder after blunder. He even lectured Americans on “character.” The known liar is lecturing us on “character.” His time is almost up. Next week, President Trump’s attorneys will fight back with the truth, and poor Adam Schiff won’t be remembered except for one thing: as a traitor to the United States of America.

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