Streisand: Founders Wanted Impeachment to Stop Despots Like Trump, Gets Destroyed

Barbra Streisand says she knows what the Founding Fathers meant when they instituted the impeachment clause. She claims they were envisioning “a despot just like President Donald Trump.” The 77-year-old singer’s hatred of the president is out of control. She also recently posted a picture of a bloodied President Trump being impaled by the heel of a shoe with the word “Pelosi” emblazoned on it. Well, poor Babs didn’t know what hit her as she got utterly destroyed. You’ll love this.

Barbra Streisand (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshot)

On Monday, Barbra Streisand shared a link to a New York Times op-ed titled “Trump Is the Founders’ Worst Nightmare,” and she touted the false narrative that the president engaged in a quid pro quo scheme. She likened him to an aspiring tyrant. 

“From his blatant attempt to extort Ukraine using taxpayer money for a fake investigation of his political rival, there is question that Trump aspires to be a despot, and impeachment is the sober process envisioned by the Founders to counter such a threat,” Streisand said.

This is a prime example of an American celebrity reading an opinion piece in the Trump-hating New York Times and believing it is the Gospel truth. 

It’s safe to assume Streisand read this New York Times piece of utter bullcrap written by Bob Bauer. Who’s Bauer? Well, he works for “Lawfare” which is a group of anti-Trump attorneys who are at the epicenter of many past scandals. Lawfare found and directed Christine Blasely Ford during the Kavanaugh hearings. Lawfare is suspected of handling the Ukraine whistleblower and writing their official complaint against Trump.

Lawfare is also working with Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff during these impeachment hearings. Way back in 2018, in anticipation of these impeachment hearings, Pelosi and Schiff hired Lawfare attorneys Barry Berke and Norm Eisen to help them write the bogus rules for impeachment. They continue to be present at every hearing. They are the masterminds behind the entire impeachment sham.

So, is it any wonder what type of manure this Bob Bauer would write? Of course, idiots like Barbra Streisand have no clue they are regurgitating talking points straight from the mouths of the deep state. Bauer’s article is filled with cheap shots.

“This ‘despotism’ is achieved through systematic lying to the public,” Bauer wrote. “Vilification of the opposition and, as James Fenimore Cooper wrote in an essay on demagogues, a claimed right to disregard ‘the Constitution and the laws’ in pursuing what the demagogue judges to be the ‘interests of the people.'”

Bauer is describing Democrats like Adam Schiff when he writes “systematic lying to the public” and “vilification of the opposition.” And it’s the Democrats who have a “claimed right to disregard the Constitution and the laws.”

Streisand also refuses to delete this post depicting a bloodied President Trump being impaled by the heel of a shoe with the word “Pelosi” emblazoned on it:

Well, poor Babs got a rude awakening by Americans who see right through her ignorant hatred of Trump.

“Where Was Streisand When (Democrat)Joe Biden Extorted Ukraine? But as Soon as (Republican) Donald Trump asks for an investigation into a REAL Crime of Extortion, ALL of a sudden Joe Biden’s the victim and Democrats Call for Donald Trump’s Impeachment. PHONY,” tweeted Joe Talbot.

“Just aspiring? When will he become said despot? Next term? Third or fourth term? Cause if he was a despot, you brain-dead ritually abused old lady, all you libtards would be silenced. See how that works?” tweeted “PrincessZoe80085.”

“What the hell is wrong with Barbra Streisand, she’s Jewish, and she’s speaking out against POTUS, who stands with Israel. It must a lifetime of drugs that has damaged her brain and distorted her thinking,” tweeted David Woods.

“When I want a lesson in Constitutional history, I ALWAYS look first to Barbra Streisand.. Said nobody ever,” tweeted “Angry Americans United.”

“Streisand tweets that Trump’s blatant attempt to extort Ukraine for fake investigation proves Trump intends to be a despot & impeachment is the process our Founding Fathers envisioned to counter such a threat. TDS is strong in this one too, agreed?” tweeted “Me, Myself & I.”

This entire argument that President Trump is a despot, a dictator, or a tyrant is one of the biggest jokes around. Does anyone think a despot would allow impeachment hearings or allow those same hearings to be televised? Would a tyrant allow a Special Counsel like Rober Mueller?

Wouldn’t he be putting every reporter against him in prison? The fact Trump points out the blatant disregard for fairness or truth by his media enemies is not the same thing as someone like Joseph Stalin, who controlled every aspect of the news in Soviet Russia.

Barbra Streisand is a singer and an actress. She is no Constitutional scholar, and she is completely irresponsible when she uses her large social media platform to spew lies to those still brainwashed in America. At least we know when history is written about these times, those like Babs will go down on the wrong side. It’s a safe bet to say her postings on social media will come back to haunt her in the very near future.

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