Student Refuses To Remove ‘Offensive’ Hat, Teacher Freaks & Evacuates Classroom

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When an unnamed student wore an “offensive” hat to school, his teacher totally freaked out, ultimately evacuating the entire classroom. The whole incident was caught on tape. Did the teacher overreact?

A student triggered his teacher and an entire classroom full of his peers simply by wearing this hat. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

A disturbing video has begun to circulate on various social media platforms. It shows an obviously liberal teacher evacuating an entire classroom after one student, who remained remarkably calm throughout the nearly four-minute clip, refused to remove the MAGA hat he was wearing.

The video begins with the student and his teacher discussing why his hat is not allowed. Apparently, school rules prohibit students from wearing hats in the classroom. However, it wasn’t long before it became clear that the issue was not with the fact that the student had worn a hat, but with the message on the hat, as it proudly proclaimed support for President Donald Trump.

Seemingly admitting that it was not the “no hats” rule he had an issue with the student breaking, but with the hat that the student chose to wear, the teacher said, “We do have rules which we push back against all the time and we bend. That’s part of the nature of a high school. We have to constantly bend rules, alright? Nothing is so steadfast that we have to be completely to the letter of it.”

Take a look:

Before their confrontation was over, the teacher even called the student an “asshole” while other students referred to the hat as a “racist” symbol.

One is led to wonder if the teacher in this clip would have taken such offense to the student’s hat if it had said “Impeach 45” instead of “MAGA.” For the simple fact that the teacher made his argument about ideology and not the school’s dress code, I think it’s safe to assume that he would have let any other hat fly.

Unfortunately, there is no room for diversity of opinion in today’s public school system. Kids are no longer taught to think for themselves or to examine all of the information available before coming to a conclusion. Instead, they’re indoctrinated. They’re made to tow the Democratic Party line from an early age. Don’t believe me? Watch the video above.

Is it important to follow rules? Of course. Especially when we’re talking about rules that are in place for minors in a public school setting. However, it is clear from the intellect and demeanor of the student that he is no regular rule breaker. He’s probably seen dozens of other kids wear hats in class and thought it would be fine to wear his own. Little did he know that an entire room full of people would be triggered by a red and white cap with four letters.

This kid obviously wanted to make a point — it wasn’t about his hat, it was about a certain ideology being accepted by liberal academia and another point of view being silenced. He stood his ground, and I’m glad he had the fortitude to do so. Ultimately, he proved the bias and intolerance of not only his peers but his teacher.

The prevailing issue this footage presents is this: We are raising an entire generation of people who can become so triggered by a clothing accessory that they literally cannot bring themselves to stay in the same room as the person wearing it — even if that person presents no danger to them. The presence of opposing views has literally become toxic to these kids.

By evacuating his classroom because of one student’s MAGA hat, the teacher was showing his impressionable young students that it’s okay to shun those who have beliefs which are different from their own, and it’s okay to be a snowflake who cannot even stand the smallest amount of intellectual diversity.

Sadly, we might as well be living in North Korea if this is truly the case. Why have all of the freedoms this country affords when we’re only going to allow one agenda anyway?

These kids are our future. And, unfortunately, the ones like the young gentleman in the MAGA hat, who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, even when their opinion isn’t popular, are becoming scarce.

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