Man Called Supreme Court, Vowing to Shoot Trump – Quickly Regrets Every Word

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A man in Arizona called a state’s Supreme Court, vowing to shoot the President of the United States. The horrible threat did not go ignored. Now, the man is facing the serious consequences of his actions. Maybe next time he’ll keep those threats to himself.

A man called a Supreme Court, vowing to “put a bullet” in President Donald Trump’s head. (Photo Credit: Gerson Martins/Unsplash, Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Over the last two years, we’ve had to witness shocking amounts of violence from the left. Progressive groups have protested and rioted across the nation. Violent Antifa groups have assaulted regular Americans for simply standing up for their rights.

It’s clear the Democrats don’t want conservatives to express their views, stand up for their beliefs, or even vote for their candidates. They are using fear tactics to intimidate us.

On top of that, Democrats (even well-known celebrities) have posted disturbing images of our president killed or being killed. Many left-wing Twitter users have expressed a desire for the man to be assassinated. Even CNN fantasized about his death — right before the Inauguration.

This kind of attitude among Democrats has made it almost commonplace for people to wish death upon the Leader of the Free World. One man even took it to the next level, vowing to “put a bullet” in the head of President Trump.

This man even called up the Supreme Court of Nebraska to make his intentions known. That didn’t go over so well with the court. Nor, it seems, with the Secret Service.

Now, four voicemails have resulted in years of punishment.

A 39-year-old Kingman man who threatened to fatally shoot President Donald Trump in April was sentenced Monday to 37 months in a federal prison, officials said.

Jerrod Hunter Schmidt, 39, called the Nebraska Supreme Court and Nebraska Court of Appeals and left four voicemails threatening to kill Trump, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson and former Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona said…

Secret Service personnel listened to the voicemails Schmidt left, which stated partly that he was going to “kill President Trump and put a bullet in his head,” records show.

In September, a federal jury found Schmidt guilty of two counts of threatening the president of the United States and two counts of making interstate threatening communications, according to a press release from the Office of the United States Attorney, District of Arizona.

The federal complaint in the Trump threat case said Schmidt, who lives in Kingman, served nine years in prison for child molestation in Nebraska and filed motions with the Nebraska Court of Appeals claiming he was owed money for wrongful imprisonment. [Source: Arizona Central]

It might sound like a severe punishment for just a few phone calls. But our government takes threats very seriously.

In this day and age, when Democrats are advocating violence against Trump’s administration, we can never be too careful. It’s clear this man is both unstable and unwell. He might have very well carried out his threats. The Secret Service doesn’t appreciate those kinds of phone calls.

Maybe he’ll learn something after a few years in the slammer. More importantly, maybe others will learn from his crime.

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