After Laura Bush Calls Trump ‘Immoral,’ Sarah Hits Her Where It Hurts The Most

As usual, the pro-amnesty, RINO Bush clan was out in full force over the weekend, trashing President Donald Trump and propping up Democrats. This time, it was former First Lady Laura Bush who was speaking out, going so far as to call the Trump administration “immoral.” But then, total badass Sarah Huckabee Sanders came along and hit her where it hurts the most. […]


Griffin Yells ‘Melania F*ck You Piece Of Sh*t,’ Trump’s Brutal Surprise Makes Kathy Cry

Kathy Griffin blasted Melania Trump in a foul-mouthed tirade which included, “F*ck you Melania, you feckless piece of sh*t.” Griffin is ratcheting up hatred towards FLOTUS, blaming her for illegal alien kids at the border. Well, this ill-advised stunt, attacking the first lady, has left the talentless Griffin in tears, crying like a baby, as President Donald Trump shocked her with a brutal surprise. […]