Trump-Hating Motorist Spits On Guy’s MAGA Banner, Tries To Speed Off — BIG Mistake

After spotting a Trump supporter peacefully protesting, a Trump-hating motorist spits on the guy’s MAGA banner. He appears to curse him out too, right before he tries to speed off — only to realize he made a big mistake. And, it was all caught on video. Don’t miss this.

A Trump-hating motorist and a Trump supporter were caught on camera, engaging in a confrontation during a peaceful protest. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Supporters of President Donald Trump were attending a “Stop the Steal” rally in Houston, Texas, over the weekend when at least one left-wing motorist decided to take time out of his day to let them know what he thought about their peaceful protest. It was all caught on video, and it didn’t take long for the short clip to spread across social media after things ended badly for the Trump-hating motorist.

As the Trump supporters were standing on a sidewalk, holding a pro-Trump banner, the driver rolled by slowly, next to the curb, with his window down. Even with cameras rolling, he didn’t hesitate to exchange words with the pro-Trump crowd. “You lost,” he tells the Trump supporters. Although the banner partially obscures his face, he appears to spit on the banner as the distinct sound of spitting is clearly heard.

The Trump supporter was less than amused and appears to spit back at the driver as expletives are exchanged. Then, the driver tries to speed away, but he makes one big mistake:

Turning his head back towards the Trump supporter, attempting to deliver one, final parting insult, he yells, “Stupid a**hole!” as he apparently gives his car gas. Rather than speeding away, however, he promptly crashes his car into a light pole — much to the delight of the nearby Trump supporters.

“That’s what you get! All that hate!” someone yells at the driver. “Look what it did to you, man!”

The driver crashed into a pole after appearing to spit on a banner and cursing Trump supporters. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As the motorist unsuccessfully tries gunning his car’s engine to move the vehicle away from the pole, another Trump supporter is quick to tell him that his accident is “unfortunate.” Meanwhile, the damaged vehicle won’t budge, and things are about to go from bad to worse for the guy.

Within seconds, flashing lights are quickly noticed pulling up behind the guy as a Trump supporter announces, “Oh, and now you’ve got the cops here!”

A cop pulls up to the scene seconds after the crash. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

In addition to the short clip, a much longer video captured the aftermath of the crash as vehicles from the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office arrive on the scene. The longer video focused on the rally but also featured a short interview with a man and a woman regarding the accident in question:

According to the woman, she and other Trump supporters were “peacefully protesting” when the motorist “in the black car drove up, and he yelled some derogatory words at us, and then he spit. And, after he spit, the boy over there said something back, and he sped away really fast and lost control of his car and crashed into the light post.”

Adding that the outcome was “hilarious” and calling it “totally funny karma,” the woman added, “This is what happens. We’re minding our own business, he comes around, you know, talking smack, cursing, and spitting — spitting during COVID — on us, and then he speeds off and crashes. Karma. Trump 2020!”

Although the woman claims that the driver was being arrested while she was being interviewed, the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office said on Monday that wasn’t the case, The Blaze reported:

“The official said there were no charges or citations issued in connection to Saturday’s incident, which took place in front of a downtown courthouse near the 1200 block of Preston Street. The official also said a Trump supporter and a supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden engaged in a verbal argument that escalated into a ‘spitting match,’ after which the pro-Biden driver hit a light pole. Neither side wanted to press charges, the official also told TheBlaze.”

Sometimes, the consequences of one’s actions are a better punishment than even the law allows. I’d say that’s the case here. This driver learned the hard way that it’s better to focus on the road than antagonize peaceful protesters while behind the wheel.

He would have been better off just being kind and driving away. Instead, he now has a hefty repair bill, and for what?

As one Twitter user said, “This is something that should bring us all together in laughter. Live and let live, and nobody gets hurt … or crashes their own car.” I have a feeling at least one guy isn’t laughing, though, but that’s karma for you.

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