Dad Blasted By Anti-Gun Trump-Haters As He Found Daughter Dead, Just Got Sweet Revenge

Andrew Pollack was wearing a “Trump 2020” t-shirt, driving around in his truck, and searching for his daughter Meadow right after the shooting at the Florida high school last week. Someone snapped a pic of Pollack, and the Trump-haters lambasted him in the press and on social media as he searched in vain. Meadow had been shot nine times and was dead. Well, Mr. Pollack was just at the White House, where he got sweet revenge on those haters. […]

Gun Rights

Before Meeting With Students About Guns, Trump Stops Everything & Gives 1 Man The Floor

President Donald Trump hosted high school students at the White House on Wednesday to discuss guns and violence in American schools. But before starting the meeting, he stopped everything in order to give one man the floor. It was an absolutely breath-taking moment and a great example of why Trump is the perfect leader to get us through this difficult time. […]