Pelosi ‘Slurs’ Bible Quote To Prove Trump’s Wrong On Illegals & Wall, Gets Destroyed

Nancy Pelosi was slurring her words yesterday afternoon as she addressed the Christian Colleges and Universities Conference in Washington, DC. The House Speaker claimed to quote a passage from the gospel of Matthew. “We are all God’s children including our immigrants at the border,” the 78-year-old slurred. Pelosi tried to convince them with scripture that the president is all wrong about illegals and the wall. That’s when she got destroyed. You’ll love this. […]


California Tries To Ban Another Everyday Necessity — Gets Battered By Americans

It wasn’t that long ago that we were baffled by California’s ban on plastic straws. Then came the tiny shampoo bottle ban. It seems like the “Golden” State wants to make life very hard and inconvenient for its residents. Now, a California lawmaker is trying to get rid of yet another everyday item. People on social media were quick to slam him. […]

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Starbucks Opened Their Bathrooms To Everyone — Here’s How That Worked Out

Last year, Starbucks changed their bathroom policy after the company was accused of being racist. To quiet angry mobs online, they decided to let anyone use them — whether they were a customer or not. It was a foolish path to take, one they are regretting big time. Because more than a few Starbucks locations are dealing with some seriously scary stuff in the restrooms. […]


West Hollywood Council Votes To Remove Trump’s Star, Latina Gives Them Nasty Surprise

Ingrid Mueller is the president of “Latinas for Trump,” and she showed up at the West Hollywood City Council meeting to voice her opposition to the Chamber of Commerce permanently removing President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The leftist council thought they could get away with banning Trump for good, but that’s when the Hispanic Trump supporter gave them a nasty surprise. […]


Democrats Speechless After New Photos Reveal Trump’s SCOTUS Pick’s Real Character

This week, President Donald Trump continued to make good on his campaign promises by nominating Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice. Before they got the full details, the left was revolting. The pathetic losers in the Democratic Party spewed unending hate towards the celebrated judge. But recent photos show what Trump’s pick does in his spare time. […]