Trump Owns Emmys, Makes Sure They Get Lowest Ratings Ever With His Nasty Surprise

The leftist Hollywood crowd is now crying as their Emmys were an epic failure. The rabid Trump-haters couldn’t help themselves bashing Christians, with many retorts aimed at President Donald Trump. Oddly, they honored deceased Senator John McCain as some sort of dead entertainer who will be missed by them. Luckily, Trump blasted the Emmys right before they aired with a nasty surprise, making sure they got the lowest ratings ever recorded. […]


After Meghan Bashes Trump At Dad’s Funeral, Ivanka Pulls Incredibly Classy Move

Being the most publicly active of Sen. John McCain’s children, Meghan McCain became a spokesperson for the McCain family in her father’s later days. At his memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday, Meghan delivered an impassioned speech, using the eulogy as an opportunity to bash President Donald Trump, who was excluded from the funeral. However, after Meghan politicized her own father’s death, Ivanka Trump gave her a lesson in true grace and tact by pulling an incredibly classy move. […]


ABC Whacks Roseanne’s ‘Trump-Supporting Character’ In Horrendous End, It Backfires

Well, it’s official. ABC has announced it will be debuting the sequel to the “Roseanne” show called “The Connors,” and they have also announced what type of end has been written for the Trump-supporting character “Roseanne Connor.” ABC is whacking one of it’s most successful characters to date in a horrendous end that will make you sick, and now it’s backfiring big time on the leftists running ABC. Don’t miss this. […]