Rep. Ted Lieu Attacks Trump, Then He Accidentally Lets Admission Slip On TV

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Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) made an appearance on CNN, and he attempted to use the opportunity to bash President Donald Trump. However, Lieu ended up making himself and his entire political party look bad when he made an unintentional admission while cameras were rolling. He’s probably wishing he would have stayed home and kept his mouth shut.

Ted Lieu (Photo credit: YouTube/CNN, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Everybody knows that Democrats hate the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, but they also despise the 1st Amendment right of free speech. Okay, maybe it’s not that big of a secret considering they try to shut down anything they disagree with or that doesn’t mesh with their liberal sensibilities.

California Rep. Ted Lieu recently said that he would love to regulate what we are allowed to say but that he couldn’t because that pesky 1st Amendment wouldn’t allow him. This is something that he actually said out loud and on a national television broadcast.

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. When it came time for Ted Lieu to ask questions, he chose to call his Republican colleagues racist rather than ask anything relevant from the witness. This shameless grandstanding earned him the respect of CNN, so they had him on to celebrate his self-proclaimed victory.

The CNN host asked Lieu a really long question that he forgot by the time it was his turn to talk. Instead, he went off on his own.

“I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech. The 1st Amendment prevents me from doing so,” said Lieu.

Wow, when this guy can’t remember the question, his go-to stock answer is horrible. A lot of politicians will answer ambiguously about studying the problem or doing the right thing, but Lieu goes straight to attacking American’s civil liberties.

Also, of all the things people dream about, Lieu’s fantasy is to control what people are allowed to say? When an elected representative of the people says he yearns to shut down free speech, it is time for that politician to be removed from office. Ted Lieu has no business being a US Representative.

More than a few people called Lieu out on Twitter so he tried to explain himself. According to Lieu, it’s all President Donald Trump and the Republicans’ fault. This is something that he actually wrote and then posted on a public forum:

So by wanting to regulate our speech, he’s actually defending the 1st Amendment? Nobody but Lieu gets that one as it makes no sense.

Also, when has President Trump or any Republican said they wanted to regulate speech like Lieu says? We know for a fact that Lieu has said this because it’s on video, but no evidence exists that Trump or any Republican lawmaker has ever even suggested stamping out free speech.

Why does he keep asking if we get it? We don’t. Nobody gets how calling Republicans racist during a Congressional hearing defends the 1st Amendment any more than they understand how regulating free speech protects it.

He certainly did take an oath, though he doesn’t quite explain what it actually is. He says in the Tweet that he took an “oath to the Constitution,” but what he really did was swear an oath to defend the Constitution. That brings us back to his stunningly illogical logic about defending the 1st Amendment. If he actually took his oath seriously, and that’s a big “if,” he would never say something like, “I would love to regulate the content of speech.”

Ted Lieu is lying all over the place. He doesn’t take his oath of office seriously, he doesn’t defend the 1st Amendment, and neither President Trump nor any Republican has ever suggested regulating free speech.

The Constitution is literally the blueprint for our country. It’s the highest law of the land, the structure of our government, and the inalienable rights of our people. It is America. With this episode, the Democratic Party is now on record as opposing the first two Amendments of the Constitution, which is another way of saying they hate this country. Can somebody explain why people still vote for these clowns?

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