Tom Hanks Questions Patriotism Of Americans Who Don’t Wear Masks, Gets Torched

Tom Hanks is very angry at any Americans who question the mainstream media and the Democrats who are pushing wearing masks and would love to see the entire country in lockdown until after the November elections. Hanks refuses to see how this has become a political game, and that’s why Americans torched him. You’ll love this.

Tom Hanks (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Actor Tom Hanks has slammed Americans refusing to wear masks, again, amid the coronavirus pandemic. He is questioning their patriotism.

“As somebody who’s gone through this and knows firsthand this is not a hoax, how do you feel when you see people not wearing masks out there?” Stephen Colbert asked Hanks, who is currently promoting his latest film Greyhound. 

“Are they Americans?” Hanks responded. “You know, I don’t get it. It’s literally the least you can do… a mask and wash your hands, and try to stay 6 feet away from a person. Is this impossible now?”

Earlier this month, Hanks said “Shame on you,” to those opposed to wearing masks, according to a report by People. “If you can’t wear a mask and wash your hands and social-distance, I’ve got no respect for you.”

Hanks also criticized the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic, arguing that their position has left “nothing but question marks” about their official position and the steps people should be taking.

“Well, I must say, I grew up looking to our leaders for calm and informed guidance and I don’t think we’ve got that,” he told The Guardian.

Well, Americans watched as Black Lives Matter took to the streets after George Floyd’s death, and no one in the media was screaming about the spread of COVID or pointing out many of them were not wearing masks. In fact, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined the BLM protesters mask-less.

Did COVID take a time out during the protests? You would assume so based on the lack of media coverage. 

Then, almost like clockwork, after the protests and riots calmed down, the mainstream media and their Democrat cohorts are once again fear-mongering over the virus. However, the death rate is going down, but all the media will report on is “cases are going up.”

Of course, cases are going up. The more people we test, the higher the number of those we find infected. However, the majority who have COVID are never hospitalized. The vast majority recover, and even though they are freaking out over cases going up after states reopened, the death rate is still going down.

“People are always readjusting their [cloth]  and that has the potential to contaminate them,” said France’s head of health, Jerome Salomon. “If someone has come across the virus, it’s surely going to be on the mask. Gloves, similarly, don’t greatly heighten protection and could even end up making you sick.”

We now know the virus is spread in tight quarters like homes. People who are out and about in well-ventilated areas have no real danger of spreading or catching the coronavirus.

“I would not worry about walking by someone,” Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease specialist at Johns Hopkins University, told Slate. “Even in a healthcare setting, contact is defined by being near someone for a certain amount of time. I would not worry about these fleeting encounters.”

That’s why Americans blasted Tom Hanks on social media. 

“@tomhanks go [F] yourself… You want to find someone who isn’t American? Look in a mirror, tyrant Wanting to use force to force compliance of your ideology is the very definition of anti-American Feel free to leave. You won’t be missed,” tweeted “DemoKKKrat Plantation.”

“⁦@tomhanks is the same political operative who did not want to talk about hydroxychloroquine when it helped him,” tweeted “Banquo X.”

“I question if he is patriotic for telling us that we should be forced to do something!!!” tweeted Joe Broni.

“I was wondering that myself Tom when I saw all the BLM protestors and looters not wearing masks, glad to see you come out against them,” tweeted Keith Dutter.

“You heard the celebrity! Shut up, go to the basement and muzzle up!” tweeted “The Marxist.”

“Hey Hanks, ask that same question about the BLM & Antifa terrorists who are burning our Flag & destroying America Are they real Americans?” tweeted “Woody.”

The Democrats and their cohorts are waging a war to keep the country fearful until after the November elections. 

In fact, Florida labs were caught inflating the COVID numbers. Fox35 Orlando started investigating COVID testing data, and what they found was massive, and seemingly purposeful, fraud behind the numbers.

“The report showed that Orlando Health had a 98 percent positivity rate. However, when FOX 35 News contacted the hospital, they confirmed errors in the report. Orlando Health’s positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report,” and that’s just one example.

In order to support the most important political objectives of the DNC in the 2020 election, COVID-19 hype is essential.

It will help achieve “mail-in” voting. It will shut down rallies and political campaigning efforts of President Trump. COVID fear will block the campaign contrast between an energetic President Trump and a physically tenuous, mentally compromised challenger Joe Biden.

COVID panic helps keep blue states shut down and keeps the economy from recovering. Biden can come up with a COVID excuse to not debate Trump. Democrats can easily keep candidate Joe Biden sealed in the basement; where the electorate is not exposed to visible signs of his dementia.

No wonder the Democrats are once again pushing the COVID fear and panic, and their useful idiots like Tom Hanks has no problem trying to sell this nonsense to the American people.

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