Trump Supporter Follows Biden Campaign Bus All Over Houston In A Hearse Named The “Democrat Cemetery Vote Collector”

A Trump supporter in a hearse has been spotted following the Biden campaign bus all over Houston, Texas. The hearse is sending a clear message with its name and a few other carefully chosen words emblazoned on the vehicle. This takes trolling to the next level, and you don’t want to miss it.

The pro-Trump hearse, following the Biden campaign bus. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As we near the highly-anticipated 2020 election, voters in Texas have reported multiple sitings of a decked-out, pro-Trump hearse driving around early voting sites and following the Biden campaign bus. The hearse is not only decorated with signs suggesting Democrats engage in voter fraud by having dead people vote — an unsettling sight for some voters — but the vehicle’s name also makes the same accusation.

Called the “Official Democrat Cemetery Vote Collector,” the hearse, owned by BJ Apgar — an obvious Trump supporter, has been trolling the Biden team by driving behind the bus with MAGA branding, and it’s gotten noticed, which is exactly what Apgar had hoped for. “This was a personal way of getting more attention and talking to voters to get, you know, get his name out there,” Apgar said.

Although Apgar said he created the “Hearse Trump Train” as a way to help President Trump gain more support among voters — not to intimidate voters with the vehicle as some might suggest — not everyone feels the same. In fact, Tricia Lowe Danto, an early voter in Montgomery County, Texas, where the hearse was spotted at a community center on Saturday, said “the sight of a hearse was chilling.”

“The fact that this was there displaying such animosity towards ‘the other side’ is not indicative of the values most in my town and this country believe in,” Tricia Lowe Danto said.

I don’t believe chilling is quite the right word, however, when you consider the slogans about Democratic voters that adorn the hearse. Insulting and trolling the left, perhaps, but “chilling” just doesn’t fit, in my opinion. Even so, Aimee Pearce, one of the volunteers at the polling site, told NBC News, “multiple voters expressed disgust, concern, and anger regarding the hearse to Democratic volunteers.”

Apparently, it was so concerning, volunteers even notified law enforcement. So, what’s so upsetting? Well, along with some generic Trump 2020 decals, there were some pretty strong messages aimed at Democrats.

Among the slogans posted on the hearse were “Collecting Democrat votes one dead stiff at a time,” “Dig ’em Deeper, Bury ’em Cheaper Funeral Parlor,” and “Clinton Foundation Suicide Limo Service – 1-800-HANG-URSELF.”

So, while Joe Biden has been handling a light schedule of morning campaign stops, his campaign bus has been facing a whole other level of trolling while driving throughout the southern US. The hearse and a pro-Trump vehicle train even followed the bus from Port Arthur to Houston, Texas, and that was all caught on video too:

The Biden bus was allegedly running red lights “like crazy,” in hopes of getting away, according to Twitter users who allegedly witnessed the ordeal.

The trolling didn’t stop when the bus stopped, either. Reportedly, the hearse set up shop by laying out a casket next to the Biden bus with a sign that read “Don’t forget 10% for the Big Guy” in reference to the bombshell emails allegedly from Hunter Biden on the family’s corrupt business dealings.

This wasn’t a first, either. Twitter users also reported seeing the hearse weeks before in Biloxi, Mississippi.

As for the reports that local law enforcement was called in Texas, the driver of the hearse indicated that responding officers had shown support for the hilarious display. “Been getting thumbs up from all the cops around here,” Apgar allegedly said. “At least we know we got their support. Even though they can’t say nothing, they still support us.”

Joe Biden allegedly wasn’t greeted with the same support, though. According to Not the Bee, the Biden bus reportedly pulled away from their Texas campaign stop after they say “no supporters showed up,” and the hearse team seemed to be in hot pursuit.

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