The View: Those Who Disagree With Greta Don’t Love Their Kids, Get Reality Check

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar led the charge at The View today praising “climate kid” Greta Thunberg. They claimed that she was a true world leader who is doing excellent work and that people who don’t agree with Thunberg’s “brave speech at the United Nations” are just lousy “climate deniers” who don’t love their kids and grandkids. Well, that’s when they got a huge reality check.

Whoopi Goldberg, Greta Thunberg, and Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots, YouTube/Screenshot)

Whoopi Goldberg started out the climate change segment by playing Greta Thunberg’s now-infamous speech at the United Nations. The 16-year-old’s unhinged melodramatic rant is getting a lot of attention as conservatives call Thunberg’s speech a total embarrassment by a child with diagnosed mental problems.

Whoppi loved the speech, and she asked the panel of shrews “if speeches like this, from someone so young, are likely to get people to pay attention?”

Joy Behar, who is a radical global warming nutjob, right away had a rehearsed answer. Behar brought up a few younger activists like Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban for going to school. The problem with Joy’s answer is that it’s a universal truth that we don’t allow children to tell us how to run the world. It’s common sense. 

“So children, some of them are really very sensitive to what’s going on and grownups, I mean, some of these people who are denying climate change, they are going to be dead and they don’t care, apparently, about their grandchildren,” Behar ranted. “They only care about the 401ks and this kid [Thunberg] is saying — is calling them on it, and it’s disgusting!”

Only Abby Huntsman pushed back claiming that was an “unfair statement to say people don’t care about their own kids and grandkids.” Joy wasn’t having anyone deter her from making her ridiculous argument.

“That’s what it looks like to me. It’s what it looks like,” Joy restated, as the leftwing audience applauded. She backed off slightly, adding, “Individually maybe they do.”

Huntsman continued arguing that pollution in China was a much bigger problem than banning plastic straws, so this needed to be a “global effort.” However, Behar and fellow liberal co-host Sunny Hostin started griping against Huntsman’s points.

“But we have to do something, right? And my concern is we’re not doing enough!” a frantic Hostin exclaimed.

Behar added, “Guilt-tripping might work! It might. Guilt-tripping.”

The problem with Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg promoting this kid Greta Thunberg as an authority on global warming, or an authority on anything at all, is not only her age but also her mental health issues.

As a parent, most people find this girl very hard to watch. It is obvious that she really believes her delusional doomsday fantasies. That is because they are not her fantasies — she is merely repeating what she has been told by adults who know better.

The Daily Beast outlined her mental illnesses. Thunberg suffers from Asperger’s syndrome coupled with high-functioning autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Making matters worse, the climate change kid comes off like a petulant child with an entitlement issue.

So, Joy and Whoopi’s poster child for climate change is turning people off. Americans weighed in and most people on social media claim climate change is just a big hoax. 

@GretaThunberg is as dumb as a bag of hammers. This Hoax has been renamed 3 Times. 1970s Global Climate Cooling next Ice Age. 1980s Global Heating we would all be underwater by today. 1990s Global Climate Change will cause Next ICE Age and Flood NewYork by today. #Socialist Are Stupid,” tweeted Jon Henderson. 

“Shame…. too stupid to understand how the world works and you are being abused by your parents! Climate change is a hoax to limit jobs and raise taxes and all the adults (& kids lately) scream oorah!” tweeted Twitter user “Greg.”

Has anyone mentioned to @GretaThunberg that NONE of Al Gore’s dire climate predictions came true? We call that a clue that it’s a hoax,” tweeted Sam Ward.

“To Fake news CP24- I think Greta Thunberg is a ‘Total Nut Case’. She is putting the fear of death into kid’s minds with her climate change hoax. ‘Send her back to Sweden a.s.a.p.’ !!!!” tweeted Frederick Alphonso.

Greta Thunberg’s United Nations speech didn’t convince anyone about so-called climate change. All it did was to anger conservatives with her over-the-top drama queen antics. Whoever is handling this teen is exploiting her to further their own cause and most probably is getting rich off the unhinged youth.

So, for Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to miss this big picture, it should be a big embarrassment for them. Instead, like the majority of issues they cover, they have zero facts on hand. Day after day, The View broadcasts a bunch of propaganda from the left devoid of any truth. It’s no wonder the shrews totally embraced a leftwing child prop who by all accounts should be on medication and getting therapy, not lecturing the United Nations on how to run the world.

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