Man Arrested After Firing Warning Shots At Illegal Immigrants

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Back when White House occupier Barack Obama put Joe Biden on point to decimate our gun ownership rights, the crazy former VP suggested that, instead of using AR-15s for self-defense, people should fire their shotguns in the air to scare away the bad guys. This is, of course, horrible advice that violates several basic gun safety rules, but some people did it and were even arrested.

Apparently, the word hasn’t got out that you should never ever listen to Joe Biden, because people are still doing this. A man was arrested in Texas recently for firing warnings shots to chase some illegal immigrants off of his property.

Enrique Fernandez (Photo Credit: Brownsville Police Department)

KGBT reports that 56-year-old Enrique Fernandez appeared in federal court on Monday to answer charges related to firing warning shots in the air when some illegal immigrants invaded his property in Brownsville, Texas. He was initially charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm.

According to CBS4, last week Border Patrol agents were chasing some illegal immigrants when they heard shots fired. They discovered Fernandez firing a pistol in the air in the general direction of the illegals. It doesn’t appear as if the Border Patrol captured the criminal trespassers, but they sure got Fernandez. He was arrested and turned over to the US Marshals.

No illegal immigrants were hit and another bullet was dodged in that Fernandez appears to be Hispanic. Imagine the outrage if a white guy was shooting at illegal immigrants along the Southern border. That’s all the liberal media would be talking about, and of course they would blame President Trump and his mythical racist and violent rhetoric. Things only create hysteria when straight white Christian conservative men do them in this country, but that crisis has been averted.

As stated earlier, firing a gun in the air is stupid because you never want to let a shot go without knowing where it will land and you never pull the trigger unless you intend to destroy your target. That being said, this guy was on his own property and it was under an illegal immigrant invasion. Besides, this is Texas we are talking about. Unlike liberal enclaves such as New York and California, Texans can defend their property against scumbag criminals. There must be something more to this story to explain why this man was arrested.

And there is. Enrique Fernandez is a convicted felon and was in illegal possession of a firearm. He was initially arrested for unlawful discharge, but that was dropped and he got slapped with an illegal firearm possession charge instead.

What a twist, huh? The story started out with a cold-hearted man who was shooting at some poor souls who only want a better life for their families and morphed into an indictment on the futility of gun control. For some strange reason, criminals don’t obey the law and convicted felons like Fernandez get their hands on guns despite the restrictions Democrats put on law-abiding citizens. They should make breaking the law against the law to close this easily-exploitable “loophole.”

In conclusion: Don’t vote for Democrats who want to take away our rights with pointless gun control laws that only target the law-abiding among us. Don’t fire your gun in the air and wave it around like you just don’t care. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t listen to Joe Biden. The man is certifiably insane.

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