Waters: Crips & Bloods Have More Integrity Than Trump, Her Gangster Past Exposed

Maxine Waters was pandering on Showtime’s “Desus & Mero” show on Thursday night. The 81-year-old Democrat claimed the Crips and the Bloods “have more integrity” than President Donald Trump. Well, Maxine has always supported violence, and her gangster past came back to haunt her. Don’t miss this.

Rep. Maxine Waters (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said on Thursday’s episode of Showtime’s “Desus & Mero” that Los Angeles gang members had more integrity than President Donald Trump.

Waters said, “This guy is a street player. He’s a guy that has conned folks. He has flirted with gangsters. I have worked in some of the toughest communities. I’ve worked with gangs, I’ve worked with Crips, I’ve worked with Bloods. And there’s more integrity in many of these young people in the hood than this man has.”

She added, “This is a flawed character, and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

In discussing the 2020 election, Waters said, “I think now it boils down to all of us wanting someone that we feel comfortable can really beat Trump. This country cannot tolerate another four years of him.”

“Auntie Maxine” has a history backing the gang members in Los Angeles. 

When the 1992 Los Angeles riots broke out over the Rodney King verdict, which took the lives of 63 American citizens, Rep. Waters backed the violent gangsters. “If you call it a riot,” Waters told the L.A. Times, “it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason.”

“I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable. So I call it a rebellion,” Waters added.

She’s earned a lifetime of left-wing adoration for whitewashing the deadly riots as a “rebellion,” excusing the week-long shooting, looting, and arson orgy as “a spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice and a lot of alienation and frustration,” and coddling Crips and Bloods gang members—with whom she performed the electric slide as part of her “fearless support and understanding of young people and their efforts at self-expression.”

“I covered Rep. Waters in the early 1990s as an editorial writer and columnist at the Los Angeles Daily News,” Michelle Malkin writes. “Her federally-funded ‘Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center’ was a gang-infested boondoggle.”

“She embraced Damian Williams, the infamous thug who hurled a chunk of concrete at white truck driver Reginald Denny and performed a victory dance over the bloodied innocent bystander,” Malkin adds. “And she and her family personally profited from her rise to racially demagogic power.”

That’s right. Mad Maxine also openly supported the hood rat known as Damian Williams, who infamously threw the concrete block at white truck driver Reginald Denny. Williams’ crime was so violent that Denny suffered irrevocable brain damage:

Maxine Waters is just a swamp rat who supports hood rats. This new spokesmodel for civility and clean government has stoked division and exploited taxpayers for decades.

“Change agent? She has served on the Democratic National Committee since 1980—when the Atari 2600 was cutting-edge, Kim Kardashian was a newborn, and Al Franken was hamming it up on Saturday Night Live,” Malkin concludes.

That’s why it was such a joke to those of us who have known “Auntie Maxine” long before she became the new Democrat party darling. By the time the leftwing “resistance” dubbed Waters their unofficial spokesman, she had already served 13 terms in Congress.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters condemned the Trump administration, falsely accused the CIA of bringing drugs into Los Angeles, and even told the Tea Party to go “straight to hell,” but she refuses to condemn the scumbags who killed 63 people and injured 2,000 people during the 1992 L.A. Riots.

It was on Maxine’s watch that the L.A. riots occurred. It was her personal failure. Instead, Waters embraced the gangsters and vilified the people who were the real victims. Maybe if Waters would have spent more time fixing the huge problems in South Central, the riots would not have happened. After 28 years in Congress, South Central remains home to a growing number of violent gangsters. That’s Maxine Waters’s legacy.

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