Schiff: Trump’s Attorneys Disqualified & Must Testify Against Him, Regrets It

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is desperate. He is now claiming President Donald Trump’s attorneys are “disqualified” from representing him at the Senate impeachment trial because he says they are “fact witnesses” to his “crimes” and must testify against him. However, it’s Schiff who should be recused and take the stand. He colluded with the Ukraine whistleblower. That’s why poor Adam got torched over his ridiculous remarks. You’ll love this.

Adam Schiff, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The Democrats have a knack of accusing the GOP and President Trump of what they are doing, and they have no shame. Since the beginning of this bogus Ukraine phone call, it was Adam Schiff who was working behind the scenes with the so-called “whistleblower” and orchestrating this impeachment farce.

GOP Congressmen have been adamant Schiff is a “fact witness” and must take the stand to testify about his role is starting this impeachment farce.

So when Schiff comes out and claims Trump’s attorneys are the ones who must recuse themselves and take the stand, it’s totally ridiculous. Yet, that is exactly what he wants Americans to believe. Talk about a slap in the face to every American citizen.

“Schiff sent a letter Tuesday to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone seeking to disqualify him from representing President Donald Trump at the Senate trial,” Breitbart reports. 

Schiff’s argument claims: because the articles of impeachment allege Trump committed “obstruction of Congress” (which is not a real crime) by following legal advice to decline subpoenas, the lawyer who advised him is a “material fact witness.”

If Cipollone is to represent the president, Schiff and the Democrats argue, he should have to “disclose all facts and information to which you have first-hand knowledge that will be at issue in connection with evidence you present or arguments you make in your role as the President’s legal advocate.”

This is a joke. Shifty Schiff is saying since Trump asserted his rights as the President of the United States to decline subpoenas, that is “obstruction of Congress.” The truth is Trump was just exercising his rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

“By Schiff’s own logic, he would have to be disqualified from prosecuting the case against the president, since he may be a witness,” Joel Pollock wrote via Breitbart.

If the Democrats didn’t like it, all they had to do was take the president to court. 

Instead, since they had no impeachment case they turned Trump exercising his rights into one of the two articles of impeachment: “obstruction of Congress.” Are you starting to see just how weak the Democrats’ case really is?

The Democrats did not take Trump to court because they knew he had every right to decline subpoenas. This was never a real impeachment case. This was always a ploy to dirty up Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

Americans sounded off against Adam Schiff and his continued clown show. 

“Watching smug, arrogant Adam (the pile of) Schiff lecture the Senate about ‘fairness’ after his disgusting abuse of House rules to ramrod IMPEACHMENT! is like having Jeffrey Dahmer lecture about nutrition and healthy eating,” tweeted former Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“Adam Schiff whining endlessly about process is a grotesque farce. Now he will face the president’s lawyers for the first time. This is his true objection. And he doesn’t have Pelosi and the majority to do his bidding. No monopoly control. Fairness and impartial justice applies to the conduct toward the president, the target of the House Democrats,” tweeted Mark Levin, conservative radio host.

“Schiff’s statement that Senate’s Sham Impeachment Proceedings r ‘A Cover-up of Evidence’ is by itself a COCK and BULL STORY. He has so badly failed to point out any Impeachable Allegations ALTHOUGH DENIED, asking for Accountability of CORRUPTION don’t Tantamount to Violation of Law,” tweeted Shafiq Sajawal.

“Little Adam Schiff did he let the Republicans have any say in the way the House came up with HR 66. The Republicans are in control of the Senate so live with it and shut up,” tweeted Curtis Elliot.

How do dems not see through this horse shit schiff has been peddling. He has been doing this for 3 years now with zero actual evidence. How does he get away with lying and making stuff up #impeachment,” tweeted “A Goldberg.” 

“You know what really didn’t see the light of day, Senator Durbin? …Adam Schiff’s secret hearings in his bunker where he shut out President @realDonaldTrump‘s counsel, the media, the American people, and most Members of Congress. There were no concerns from Democrats then,” tweeted GOP Rep. Andy Biggs. 

Ironically, Cippollone’s trial memorandum Monday responding to the House articles of impeachment argues that Schiff himself is an “interested fact witness” whose role made the entire House impeachment inquiry illegitimate.

The memorandum argued:

[T]he House’s factual investigation was supervised by an interested fact witness, Chairman Schiff, who—after falsely denying it—admitted that his staff had been in contact with the whistleblower and had given him guidance. See Part II.C. These three fundamental errors infected the underpinnings of this trial, and the Senate cannot constitutionally rely upon House Democrats’ tainted record to reach any verdict other than acquittal.

There is overwhelming evidence that Adam Schiff was orchestrating the bogus charges against Trump behind the scenes all along. Now, poor Adam is whining like a baby knowing the truth is about to come out. The reckoning has begun, and the Democrats know they are in for a big whipping. The American people will not be mocked, and that’s what Schiff never understood. His lies are now catching up to him.

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