Cop Spots 'F*ck Trump' Sign On Truck, Wipes Smug Grin Off Man's Face With 2 Brutal Words
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Texas Sheriff Sees ‘F*ck Trump’ Sign On Mexican’s Truck, Offers A Better Idea Instead

A Texas sheriff received numerous calls from motorists who spotted something infuriating while driving down the road. There was a sign placed on a truck that said, “F*ck Trump,” and someone captured a photo of it. Of course, the sheriff knew that he couldn’t just let this man vulgarly and publicly disrespect the President of the United States without taking action, so the sheriff offered a better idea for the truck’s owner. […]

New York Thug Turns Blubbering Crybaby After What Cops Discover Floating In Her Bathtub
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New York Thug Turns Blubbering Crybaby After What Cops Discover In Her Bathroom

In Rochester, New York, a woman thought that she was going to get away with hiding her very sick secret. However, when cops were called to her home after her roommate made quite the disturbing discovery in the bathroom, the “tough girl” immediately turned into a blubbering crybaby, and it was all because of a horrific discovery found in the bathroom. However, after what she’d tell authorities next, no one is feeling any sympathy for her. […]

Lawyer Offers Proof Of Roy Moore’s Guilt, Viewers Shocked When They See What’s Just Below
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Lawyer Claims Photo ‘Proves’ Roy Moore’s Guilt, Viewers Shocked When They Look Closer

Former Alabama state judge Roy Moore is currently under attack. A few women have accused him of sexual misconduct after he began seeking election to the Senate. In fact, the parasitic lawyer representing these women has just issued “proof” of the man’s guilt, but a few keen eyes have recently pointed out what’s seen when you look a little closer at the photo – and it’s left a great many viewers downright shocked. […]