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NC Authorities Make Gruesome Discovery, Media Silent For Sickening Reason

March 26, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

Genesis and Serenity Freeman, who were only four-days-old and two-years-old, were recently found after being reported missing. Authorities in Hoke County North Carolina managed to locate the little girls but made a startling and gruesome discovery in the process. This is so vile that it will turn your stomach, and it’s got the media silenced for a sickening reason. […]

Thug Worker Leaves Cop One Sick Word On Receipt, Boss Has Perfect Response
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Cop Sees What Nasty Employee Put On Receipt, Boss Has Perfect Response

March 26, 2017 Alisha Rich

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper decided to stop in at a local Wendy’s restaurant, but things took a turn when he was forced to take action after an unexpected discovery. As he was waiting to give his order, he spotted a receipt sitting on the counter that had one nasty word written on the top, and now, that thug employee has received the perfect response from his boss. […]

[WATCH] Crazed Woman Fires At Cop Car, Finds Out What Horsepower Feels Like
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WATCH: Crazed Woman Fires At Cop Car, Finds Out What Horsepower Feels Like

March 24, 2017 Michael DePerry

Madison Dickson had been on the run for days after shooting multiple people, including one man in the head, and her family warned that she would not be taken alive. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of shooting again at a police car, apparently forgetting that a cop cruiser can move much faster than she could run, and she quickly regretted her decision. […]

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Son Watches Mom Dying For Entire Week, Then Reveals Why He Never Called 911

March 24, 2017 Jodi

Some people were seemingly put on this earth to remind us that evil does exist, and Andrew Kovacs is one of those people. He allowed his own mother to suffer for an entire week on the bathroom floor before finally dying, and when authorities asked why he never called 911, the excuse he gave them was absolutely revolting. […]

Muslim Taxi Driver Picks Up Woman, Cab's Dashcam Films What He Did To Her
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Muslim Taxi Driver Picks Up Woman, Cab’s Camera Catches What He Did To Her

March 24, 2017 Michael DePerry

After an evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, a woman fell asleep in Abdul Based’s taxi. When she sobered up, she noticed her phone was missing and she had a “slight pain in her vaginal area.” Soon enough, she’d understand why after a chain of events were set off that led to a review of the car’s camera footage, and it captured exactly what the 25-year-old taxi driver did to her. […]

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Illegal Alien Rapist Claims Teen Girl Did 1 Thing, ‘Proving She Wanted It’

March 24, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Eighteen-year-old illegal alien Sanchez Milian is one of the suspects who allegedly gang-raped a 14-year-old girl in Rockville, Maryland. Milan’s liberal attorney appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, claiming the sex act was consensual, but when you learn what Milan’s attorney says is proof that this poor girl “wanted it,” you’re going to lose your mind. […]

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