Baldwin: Trump‘s ‘Killing This County & Must Be Eradicated’ — Gets Destroyed

Alec Baldwin preached to supporters of President Donald Trump yesterday, telling them it’s time to wake up and realize that he is not the man they thought he would be. In fact, the 61-year-old actor also told them that Trump’s “a disease killing this country and he must be eradicated.” That’s when patriots crushed his anti-Trump nonsense and totally destroyed him. You’ll love this.

Alec Baldwin and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Actor and Saturday Night Live Donald Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin encouraged the president’s supporters to “get rid of him,” presumably in next year’s election, so “good things” can follow.

“If u voted for Trump, put ur faith in him bc u thought he was a decisive, plain-speaking, self-made business ‘leader’, now u, perhaps, realize none of that is true,” Alec Baldwin said on Wednesday. “He is a disease that is killing this county and must be eradicated. Get rid of him. And good things will follow.”

Baldwin is good for one of these unhinged social media screeds, devoid of specifics, about once every other week or so.

It was just a few weeks ago that the Trump-hating actor was arguing that Trump’s supposedly declining mental state and his incompetence has been “devastating” for America.

“Trump’s been in office for a while now. Incompetent is one thing. Nuts is another. Both in combination are devastating,” Baldwin said. “But he hasn’t killed America yet. We’re like a rhino. A big, leathery rhino. He can’t kill us. And he knows that and he’s scared.”

Well, poor Alec just headlined the premiere of Saturday Night Live’s new season once again playing President Trump. It was so pitiful that it registered as the lowest-rated opener in over five years, The Wrap reported. 

“The show has also suffered a 15 percent loss in overall viewership compared to its 2018 season. The show’s cold open featured Baldwin as a distraught Trump, calling SNL alum Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani for comfort regarding the Ukraine controversy,” Breitbart reported. 

Americans are also tired of Baldwin’s nonstop anti-Trump nonsense on Twitter.

“Actually, Baldwin, you’re the disease. We would be so much better off if you just walked off into shadows where all of you weird perverts do your best work,” tweeted “Zhivago of Tookland.”

“Literally says nothing specific or factual. Just old rich Hollywood guy ranting from his mansion, and it still fools dopey leftists. But we thank him for helping trump win a bigger landslide in 2020,” tweeted Twitter user “Ben.”

I think I know who needs to be in jail and it isn’t @realDonaldTrump. @SecretService, do you think this lunatic might be a real threat?” tweeted Legal Latino.

“I voted for him the first time and I am getting exactly what I wanted. A great economy, limited government regulations, low unemployment. incomes rising and lower taxes. I could go on. So I will vote for him again,” tweeted Bob Goble.

Poor Alec also has publicly shared he thinks Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal is a conspiracy theory. 

Alec posted a link to a story in the New Yorker titled: “The Invention of the Conspiracy Theory on Biden and Ukraine.” In it, the author makes wild accusations against investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, who wrote “Clinton Cash.”

“The story insinuated that, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had risked national security by facilitating the sale of American uranium mines to Russia in exchange for more than two million dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation from the businessmen behind the deal, who worked for a company called Uranium One,” New Yorker reports.

Schweizer’s Clinton book was fact-based on actual documentation. Anyone who read excerpts was blown away by his meticulous reporting. However, the New Yorker piece Alec raves about isn’t done yet.

“Schweizer floated the possibility that, as Vice-President, Biden had abused his power to protect the [Burisma] company or his son from prosecution. Yet Schweizer provided no proof of causation nor evidence of illegality,” New Yorker added.

What? Biden boasting about getting the prosecutor fired on video is about as damning a piece of evidence we can hope for. This is exactly how leftists roll, and God help the poor souls who eat up their blatant bias reporting.

Alec Baldwin is lazy, like all other Hollywood far-leftists. Sometimes, it really helps to do your own homework on important issues rather than swallowing the crap being fed to you by hacks who have an agenda. In the end, those lazy leftists spout utter nonsense while regular hardworking Americans wonder how they can be that dense, and make it through an entire day without seriously hurting themselves.

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