Barr Brings Guest On ‘Italian Vacay’ – Obama’s Deep State Freaks Out

Attorney General Bill Barr has been on an Italian vacation, or that’s what we thought. Barr slipped out of the country about 10 days ago, and now stunning reports say he is not on vacation at all. Nope, Barr is hot on the trail of those who were involved in the coup attempt, and making matters worse for the Barack Obama deep staters is Barr’s “mystery guest,” who is causing them to really freak out. You’re going to love this.

President Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and AG Bill Barr (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Conservative pundits “in the know” were cautiously elated at yesterday’s mainstream media news. By now, most Americans who are engaged in the specifics of the deep state coup attempt understand certain media outlets are nothing more than the voice of the Obama deep state rats.

So, yesterday evening both the Washington Post and the New York Times came out with hit pieces extremely upset at what AG Bill Barr is doing in Italy. 

You see, Bill Barr went to Italy to investigate the impetus of the Russia hoax. He did so on the “down-low” knowing the DOJ, FBI, and CIA are still full of deep state rats. He also is using Italy as a center point where he has been interviewing “foreign officials” who we know helped out Barack’s deep state rats in the coup attempt.

“Attorney General William P. Barr has held private meetings overseas with foreign intelligence officials seeking their help in a Justice Department inquiry that President Trump hopes will discredit U.S. intelligence agencies’ examination of possible connections between Russia and members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, according to people familiar with the matter,” WaPo reports.

“People familiar with the matter” are the same deep state leakers at the Justice Department Barr is trying like hell to avoid. However, the really stunning information that caused the deep state to know this was the real deal has to do with Barr’s so-called “mystery guest.”

Barr brought along John Durham, U.S. prosecutor from Connecticut assigned to assist Barr in investigating the origins of the Russia hoax. 

“Barr has already made overtures to British intelligence officials, and last week the attorney general traveled to Italy, where he and Durham met senior Italian government officials and Barr asked the Italians to assist Durham, according to one person familiar with the matter. It was not Barr’s first trip to Italy to meet intelligence officials, the person said. The Trump administration has made similar requests of Australia, these people said,” WaPo added.

Here’s where the WaPo piece starts to smear Bill Barr. He’s getting too close to the truth.

“David Laufman, a former Justice Department official who was involved in the early stages of the Russia probe, said it was ‘fairly unorthodox for the attorney general personally to be flying around the world as a point person to further evidence-gathering for a specific Justice Department investigation, and especially so in Barr’s case,'” WaPo reported.

Attorney Laufman is part of the James Comey network of deep staters who leak to the mainstream media. Laufman sat-in on the FBI Hillary Clinton email interview, likely so he could report back to Obama’s deep state rats on the substance.  David Laufman also represented former FBI official Monica McLean, who was Christine Blasey-Ford’s so-called best friend and the person who helped Ford construct her letter to assist the group effort against Kavanaugh.

Laufman then claims that Barr is “re-investigating” Russia. That’s another bald-faced lie. No one has ever investigated the deep state rats’ coup attempt.

“Even if one questions, as a threshold matter, the propriety of conducting a re-investigation of the Justice Department’s own prior investigation of Russia’s interference, the appointment of John Durham — a seasoned, nonpartisan prosecutor — provided some reason to believe that it would be handled in a professional, nonpartisan manner,” Laufman said. “But if the attorney general is essentially running this investigation, that entire premise is out the window.”

Did you notice how Laufman totally smears Bill Barr just doing his job? 

The New York Times also put out a hit piece focusing on Trump’s phone call to the Australian Prime Minister which is an old story and another nothing-burger. The Times reports, “The discussion was another instance of the president using American diplomacy for potential personal gain.”

However, just like the Ukraine phone call, the president was asking the Australian PM for information on the beginnings of the Russia hoax. Trump knows that Australian Intel agencies helped Obama’s deep state rats Russia hoax narrative by “alerting” the U.S. to a “drunken” George Pappadolpolous ramblings about Hillary Clinton’s emails. We all know this entire Pappadolpolous narrative was a set up by the deep state rats — so Austalia intel “alerting” our U.S. intel is comical.

George Pappadolpolous was another victim of the coup originators, just like Carter Page. We also know another one of the deep state spies, Joseph Misfud, was last seen in Italy.

“Obviously it’s good news to hear that both Durham and Barr went together to Italy (Mifsud questioning?). No doubt due to the issues at hand, Durham needs the additional clout with the sensitive exposure of foreign government involvement,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

“Now, having said all that there’s an angle that must be emphasized. With all that is at stake; and given the known involvement of the CIA in constructing recent events around the ‘whistleblower’ narrative; and considering the history of The Washington Post as an outlet to promote the agenda of the CIA; there’s a possibility these articles are constructed to stop the public from pressuring AG Bill Barr,” CTH concludes.

Senator Lindsay Graham said on Sean Hannity last night, “This New York Times article about Barr talking to Australia is the beginning of an effort to shut down Barr’s investigation to find out how this whole thing was started [Russia hoax]. I want to say on national television Barr should be talking to Australia, he should be talking to Italy, he should be talking to the U.K. to find out if their intelligence services worked with our intelliegnce services improperly to open up a counter-intel investigation of Trump’s campaign.”

Many Americans want to know who is at risk of being indicted by Bill Barr. Team Obama was more of an assisting co-conspiracy role, and Team Clinton was more of a direct conspiracy role. Team Clinton has direct legal exposure. Team Obama has indirect legal exposure.

♦ Team Obama consists of: John Brennan, Susan Rice, James Clapper, James Comey, James Rybicki, Loretta Lynch, John Carlin, Samantha Power, and all former White House officials.

♦ Team Clinton consists of: ¹Andrew McCabe, ¹Sally Yates, ¹James Baker, ²Mary McCord, ¹Dana Boente, ²David Laufman, ¹Mike Kortan, ¹Peter Strzok, ¹Lisa Page, ¹Nellie Ohr, ¹Bruce Ohr, ²John Podesta and essentially all of the former DOJ/FBI small group who are also currently operating within the ³Mueller operation and ³Lawfare (Benjamin Wittes) community.

NOTE: Team Clinton has three sub-sets: ¹direct involvement; ²indirect involvement; and ³cover-up, courtesy of Conservative Treehouse.

One thing is certain: Obama’s deep state rats are very nervous to make sure two hit pieces on Bill Barr making big advancements in the Russia investigation hoax came out last night. This means Bill Barr and John Durham are right over the target. Every American has a vested interest in demanding that AG Barr ignore the leftist media and their deep state cohorts and bring them all to justice. Justice took a bad beating by the Obama administration in this country, but now it must go back to being blind in America.

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