Charlie Daniels Schools Democrats On Iran: ‘If They Go Too Far – Trump Don’t Play’

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Charlie Daniels has a message for Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts who are claiming President Donald Trump has made America “less safe” and has started “World War III” by ordering the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Daniels utterly destroys them. “If they go too far—Trump don’t play,” Daniels said. But that’s not all. You don’t want to miss this.

Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Daniels (YouTube/Screenshots)

Charlie Daniels is weighing in on the current state of the political landscape in America, and he has a unique way of cutting through the fake news narrative. The latest talking points from Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts is this ridiculous notion that President Donald Trump has made America less safe by “illegally” ordering the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

Pelosi and her corrupt colleagues also claim that Trump engaged in an “illegal act of war” and that we should all be terrified of Iran.

Charlie Daniels made it clear this was just another smear of Trump and has no basis in reality. “Iran will strut, threaten and bluster and for sure they’ll cause some mischief— But, no matter how many young men and women the leadership of Iran sends out to martyr themselves they’re not ready to give up their plushy lives, they know if they go too far it’s over— Trump don’t play,” he tweeted.

The country icon also brought up the fact that Barack Obama’s “pallets of cash” to Iran funded terrorists who undoubtedly killed many innocent people, but Pelosi and her cohorts had nothing to say about that.

“Stop and consider the fact that a president of the United States actually gave planeloads of cash to the world’s biggest exporter of terrorism, I wonder how many lives that cost around the world? Unbelievable,” tweeted Daniels to his one million followers on Twitter.

Daniels then stated the Democrats are so far gone. Their agenda has literally become one of death and globalism, and that platform is the same ideas that will help create the kingdom of the Antichrist. Therefore, anyone voting to support the Democrats and their ideas is also complicit.

“Anyone who works toward a global government is wittingly or unwittingly helping to prepare the kingdom of the antichrist. It only happens once,” he tweeted.

Daniels says the Democrats are a one-trick pony. Impeachment is all they have left.  

“So, the Democrats have become a one-trick pony,” the 83-year-old wrote in his New Year’s blog. “Never mind the needs of the nation, the deplorable conditions of the streets in LA and San Francisco, never mind the murder rate in Chicago or Baltimore or the unending influx of illegals pouring across our Southern borders.”

“Never mind that America has the best economy that we’ve had in decades,” Daniels added. “Never mind that the socialist government they want to bring to power has been the downfall of every country where it’s been adopted and has been responsible for more deaths than the Black Plague.”

Daniels then torched the Trump-hating media. 

“If today’s media had been around in 1941 would they advocate America cringing in fear and let Japan just walk away from Pearl Harbor? If the attack Soleimani was planning had been carried out and it was exposed that Trump knew about it and did nothing what would they be saying?” he tweeted.

“In spite of dire warnings from a politically sold-out media, America just had its biggest retail Christmas shopping season in history and violent gang members are being rounded up and deported,” Daniels stated. “Hope has been given to terminal medical patients by allowing them to receive drugs that are still in experimental stages and lives are being saved.”

Obama told us that our best days were behind us, to get used to the “new normal” of high unemployment.

I guess he must have meant that the “new normal” is the best the Democrats can do because Trump just blasted Obama’s theory into oblivion.

So, it would seem that, in the debate for the White House, the Democrats have only one hope to impeach Trump and that’s going to be a pretty thin piece of ice to be walking on November 6, 2020.

Charlie Daniels then weighed in on the current state of “wins and losses” in this war fought by the Democrats versus President Trump: 

Let’s look at the score so far—Russian collusion: Trump W – Democrats L
Obstruction of Justice: Trump W – Democrats L
Steele Dossier – Proven lies, innuendo, fantasy: Trump-W-Democrats-L
Mueller Report – Wet Blanket: Trump W – Democrats L

Daniels is reminding us that no matter how Nancy Pelosi and her corrupt cohorts try to spin it, the truth is President Trump just keeps on winning. No matter what lies they tell and what fake new they spin, more and more Americans are waking up.

For those of us who still believe that the good guys ultimately will win in the end and that our prayers matter, we also know the villains will have to pay. Charlie Daniels is one of those rare good guys who also believes God is guiding our nation and our prayers for our country are not in vain.

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