WATCH: Chris Cuomo Goes Full MAGA, Leaves Fellow CNN Panelists In Shock

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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo defended President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday, going full MAGA. Needless to say, his fellow CNN panelists were left in a state of shock, not knowing what to do with themselves. Don’t miss this.

Chris Cuomo shocks a CNN panel by supporting President Donald Trump’s plans for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

For years now, CNN has been devolving into less of a legitimate distributor of news and more a persistent purveyor of propaganda, but we hadn’t seen the worst of it until Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, even after the mainstream media projected that Hillary would win the White House.

Indeed, it seems that nearly everyone at the Clinton News Network is suffering from a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Everyone, that is, except for Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo, who attended a lunch with the president and other TV anchors on Tuesday afternoon, hosted a CNN panel to react to Trump’s national Oval Office address on immigration. According to The Daily Caller, some of the panelists were less than enthralled by the president’s demand for a wall and his insistence that the border situation is a “crisis,” but Cuomo sprang to Trump’s defense.

“Let’s just get something straight for the audience right now because this is one of those things that’s literally been bothering me — almost ruined my vacation. There is a barrier system all along the southern border. They need more. Anybody who does the reporting, anybody who talks to the people down there doing the work — the men and women — they need more of what the president is increasingly describing as his own idea for a bollard fence,” Cuomo said.

A “bollard fence” refers to steel slats, which Trump has increasingly embraced at the request of Border Patrol agents and as a compromise to Democrats. Cuomo noted that Democrats agreed to finance something similar in the past.

US Border Patrol agents held a groundbreaking event on Monday for a new “bollard-style wall” intended to replace roughly 20 miles of vehicle barriers along New Mexico’s southern border.

Though the replacement wall doesn’t match the stature or complexity of the eight border-wall prototypes built in California, agents insisted to reporters on Monday that the bollard wall was the same one that President Donald Trump famously promised voters throughout his campaign. [Source: Business Insider]

CNN analyst Gloria Borger pushed back after Cuomo showed support for the wall, arguing that Democrats believe a wall is “not necessary because there are other ways to attack the problem that are better.”

“But is that true?” Cuomo shot back. “Who says that a barrier isn’t helpful?”

Certainly not anyone who actually works at the border.

If barriers weren’t helpful, Democrats wouldn’t put them around their own homes. Former President Barack Obama, for example, has multiple barriers — along with security — around his Washington, D.C. mansion, some of which was constructed even as he was traveling around the country, opposing Trump’s wall plans at every opportunity.

Cuomo previously defended the president’s calls for a border wall on Monday night during a debate with Don Lemon, saying, “Wanting barriers along the border is not propaganda. It’s not immoral. It’s not wrong.”

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo provided an unexpected defense for a physical border barrier during a debate with colleague Don Lemon on Monday night.

Cuomo and Lemon were sparring over whether or not news networks should carry President Donald Trump’s national address live when Lemon accused the president of spreading “propaganda.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

Pro-Trump opinions are not welcome on CNN, so it’s definitely surprising to hear this take on the border wall from the likes of Chris Cuomo. Perhaps he is finally starting to wake up.

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