Chris Wallace Blocked Trump From Asking Joe Biden About Hunter, Now He’s Torched

We all remember Chris Wallace moderating the first debate and his disdain for President Donald Trump. The president tried to press Joe Biden about his son Hunter’s foreign entanglements which could become a national security disaster if Biden won. However, Wallace cut the president off and stated the Hunter allegations were unproven nonsense. Now, poor Chris is getting utterly torched for jeopardizing our nation.

President Donald Trump, Chris Wallace, and Joe Biden at the presidential debate 9/29/20 (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

One of the worst things a journalist can be accused of doing is performing their job so badly that it leads to a potential national security crisis. Well, that sums up Chris Wallace.

We can’t solely blame Wallace for backing the leftwing narrative that buried the Hunter Biden accusations, but we can solely blame him for being the one man who stopped the president from alerting millions of Americans to the allegations on national TV.

That first debate on September 29 had 73 million Americans watching.

During the first debate, every time the president attempted to question Biden about his son’s alleged dirty dealings in Moscow and China, Chris Wallace cut him off. Instead of Wallace asking his own questions on the topic, which he should have done, Wallace made sure Trump could not finish a statement:

“The federal investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter has been more extensive than a statement from Hunter Biden indicates, according to a person with firsthand knowledge of the investigation,” Politico reports.

In addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the Southern District of New York also scrutinized Hunter Biden’s finances, according to the person with direct knowledge of the investigation.

The person said that, as of early last year, investigators in Delaware and Washington were also probing potential money laundering and Hunter Biden’s foreign ties. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

So, President Trump was right again, if the source is true. Hunter Biden has been under investigation for over a year, but Joe Biden kept saying at the debate “That’s a lie!” And Chris Wallace backed him all the way.

In October when the New York Post published a trove of documents alleging that members of Joe Biden’s family have been selling access to the former vice president to a number of foreign governments including the communist government of China, Wallace called it “Russian disinformation”:

Wallace is now getting torched by Americans on social media.

“So Chris Wallace, do you still think the Hunter Biden story is ‘Russian disinformation,’ as you did when the NY Post first broke it before the election? Wallace suppressed the story on Fox News Sunday. His journalistic malpractice should warrant his removal as anchor of that show,” investigative reporter Paul Sperry posted.

“They all knew the truth. They were all playing politics while forgetting what their real jobs were about! What a shame!” tweeted “It’s About Time.”

“Wallace’s journalistic malpractice warrants his ostracization from American society,” tweeted Bob Giesen.

“And his moderation of the 1st debate should have resulted in his firing,” tweeted “The Domains.”

“His performance at the first presidential debate alone warrants him being removed from his post as a fox news anchor,” tweeted Curtis Marsh.

“These journalists and news outlets knew this Hunter Biden story was credible & damning but I actually think we have yet to understand just how dark politics has gotten the tentacles of corruption run long & wide they knew there would be no repercussion,” tweeted The Griff.

“Chris Wallace was only one of many, talking heads, media and others that put politics before ethics. They have lost the real respect of the people. TRUST. GONE,” tweeted Liz Clough.

“Every reporter reaches their #DanRatherBlabber career-ending-moment when they lose all credibility. Chris Wallace’s last day blabbering as a journalist was as moderator of the final 2016 Presidential debate between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton. on October 19, 2016,” tweeted Alfonso E. Chavez.

President Trump recently tweeted a link to an article in the American Spectator titled: “Fox News’ Media Suicide.”

“The visionary Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch built FNC as the singular center-right alternative to the mainstream vortex, an oasis for discouraged conservatives. The creation paid off when Fox won higher ratings and greater profit than its cable news rivals combined. All they had to do this year to stay on top was fairly cover the president, unlike the competition, and they couldn’t manage that,” American Spectator reports.

Like a million loyal former viewers, I disgustedly watched Fox install disgraced Democrat hack Donna Brazile as their new liberal commentator (to back up the insufferable Juan Williams).

Watched them boost the China virus doomsday panic. Watched fake objective anchor Chris Wallace transform into a rabid Trump-sniping chipmunk.

The author, Lou Aguilar, goes on to note that for FNC to make a come back they’d have to fire Chris Wallace right off the bat. We won’t hold our breath. But we sure would love a sincere apology from Chris Wallace for blatantly screwing up the first debate and for continuing to report that the Hunter Biden story was one big lie.

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