Man Ruins Christmas For Kids At Texas Church, Instantly Regrets It

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There are no words for someone who ruins Christmas by yelling at kids that Santa Clause doesn’t exist. Actually, there are plenty of words for a person like that, but they aren’t appropriate to use in polite company.

Aaron Urbanski and Santa with Mayor Scott Cain (Photo Credit: Mug Shot/Facebook)

A man was arrested in Texas for “protesting” Christmas. Making this even worse, this scumbag was doing it in front of a church during a Christmas event. However, he would soon come to regret opening his mouth.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the St. Mark United Methodist Church in Cleburne, Texas held a “breakfast with Santa” event on Saturday. It sure sounded like fun, but three Scrooges showed up to “bah humbug” the festivities. The three men stood outside of the church in what they described as a protest against Santa.

“[They] were upset that the folks there were lying to the children about Santa,” said Officer Brian McQueen.

Of all the things to be outraged over, these clowns decided to go nuts because kids enjoy the holiday fun of a jolly fat man bringing them presents. What? Didn’t President Donald Trump tweet something these losers could freak out over?

One attendee, Heather Johnson, said the three protesters confronted her and her children holding anti-Santa signs. Yeah, they actually went through the trouble to make signs hating on St. Nick.

“Do you let your kids believe in a fake Santa or do they know who Jesus is?” the protesters asked Johnson.

Santa is not the antichrist, and it is possible to celebrate Christmas with both Jesus and Santa.

“When I told them not to ruin Santa and Christmas for my kids they started to shout out that Santa was not real and that I was wrong for teaching them that. I got really verbal with them over it,” said Johnson.

Good for her.

A representative from the church asked the protesters to leave, but they refused. The police were called and officers also asked the men to leave. Two of them complied, but 31-year-old Aaron Urbanski stood his ground on his “right” to ruin Christmas for children. Police say he continued to “cause a disturbance,” so he was arrested for criminal trespassing.

This disgusting protest so bothered residents that Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain said “special measures” would be put in place to keep something similar for happening at the town’s Christmas parade on Sunday.

“Don’t Mess With Santa! While I understand folks right to protest, Cleburne loves Santa and those protestors who were naughty and broke the law when they trespassed were arrested promptly. Guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance,” wrote Mayor Cain on a Facebook post.

Don’t Mess With Santa!While I understand folks right to protest, Cleburne loves Santa and those protestors who were…

Posted by Scott Cain, Cleburne Mayor on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Not only did these “protesters” try to ruin Christmas for kids, but they also forced the town to add security for the parade. After this, these jerks went from Santa’s naughty list to his hit list. They’ll still get a lump of coal, and it’ll just be shoved somewhere less pleasant than their stockings.

This comes just days after a teacher in New Jersey destroyed Christmas for a group of 1st graders. reports that a substitute teacher at The Cedar Hill School in Montville, NJ told her class that Santa isn’t real and even tried to debunk the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. The superintendent announced this teacher will no longer be working in the district, but for many kids, the Christmas holiday is ruined.

How black is the heart of a person who feels the need to set little kids straight on Santa Clause? These people obviously have horrible lives and want everyone else to be as miserable as them. Actually, if you think about it, that’s pretty much what being a liberal is all about.

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