‘When’s The Civil War Gonna Start?’: Rush Warns Democrats They Are In Trouble

Rush Limbaugh let loose on his radio show Tuesday by sharing that he has had many Americans contact him about the ongoing riots in Democrat-run states. Listeners asked Rush: “When is the silent majority going to rise up?” He answered: “You realize what you’re asking me, don’t you? You’re asking me when is the civil war gonna start?” That’s when Rush explained what’s going to happen next, and it’s bad news for the Democrats. You’ll love this.

Rush Limbaugh, Riots in Washington, D.C. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Night after night of violence and mayhem in Democrat-run cities can only mean one thing: The Democrats have told those mayors to not quell the violence.

This is a game to them, a very dangerous game. Instead of protecting the citizens and businesses of the cities they were elected to govern, these Democrat jokers are committed to keeping the violence going hoping this will be a way to get rid of President Donald Trump.

Rush Limbaugh explained the entire dynamic and how Americans are utterly fed-up. 

“I had some people ask me last night, different people randomly, ‘Rush, when are the people of this country gonna rise up?'” Rush said. “When are the people that own these pieces of property gonna show up and go out and stop it? The cops aren’t gonna do it, and the National Guard and the military are not gonna be deployed.”‘

“When are the American people gonna stand up and stop this?” Rush declared. “I wrote back, ‘You realize what you’re asking me, don’t you? You’re asking me when the civil war starts — and, by the way,’ I said, ‘you realize you’re asking me when that’s gonna happen in blue states?'”

“Folks, I’ve been asking myself that for as long as I’ve been doing this show,” Rush said. “In one form or another, ‘How long are the American people gonna accept the crap and the garbage of the Democrat Party?”

“How long are people gonna put up with it?” the conservative host added. “And believe me, they’ve put up with a lot more than I ever hoped that they would. But when you talk about the American people rising up, I mean, you’re really talking about — if you get down to brass tacks — when does the civil war start? I don’t know if you think something like that’s possible.”

Rush emphasized he was not calling for a civil war, by no means. What he was trying to explain to a big segment of new listeners is just how dangerous things are getting and who is to blame.

“I think it’s a big deal,” Limbaugh continued. “I think it is important, in terms of persuading people, in terms of reaching them, in terms of changing minds and hearts. The Democrat Party — the American left, liberalism, however you want to characterize it — have been promising utopia.”

“They’ve been promising — for all of these years, 50 years — fairness and equality, and nobody gets laughed at and nobody gets humiliated,” Rush explained. “Nobody’s better than anybody else. Nobody will have any more than anybody else. There won’t be any reason to feel embarrassed or anything of the sort. I mean, they’ve been promising this stuff.”

Limbaugh tells Democrat listeners they have been lied to for years, and it’s time to wake up.

“If you’re a Democrat voter for all these years and you have bought every promise, you’ve bought into every claim that they’re gonna make it right, that they’re gonna make it good,” Rush said. “Forget the use of the word ‘utopia.’ That’s a descriptive I’m using. They don’t actually use that word frequently, but they’re promising a panacea. They’re promising to fix all of the bigotry and racism and inequality brought to you by who? Us. Republicans.”

“We’re to blame for everything, and they’re gonna take it to us,” Limbaugh added. “Oh, man are they are gonna make us pay the price! They’re gonna make us pay higher taxes. They’re gonna take our businesses away from us. They are gonna do whatever they’re gonna do. None of this ever happens. Their media lies to them every day — every day, all day — and intensely for the past four years.”

Rush then lowers the boom and proves just how ridiculous it is to vote for any Democrat in the future.

“It’s entirely understandable why [Democrat voters] are fit to be tied because the people they’ve believed in — the people they’ve invested in, the people they’ve given money to — have not come through,” Limbaugh explained. “They haven’t even come close. In three years, Donald Trump came closer to helping aggrieved minorities realize their dreams and overcome their obstacles than eight years of Obama did, than 50 years of the Democrat Party did.”

“We’ve got Andrew Cuomo. How many years has he been governor? How many terms?” Rush asked. “We got de Blasio, six years on as mayor. We had Obama for eight years. And these people are out talking about the systemic racism in America? Why didn’t they do something about this! That’s exactly my point. Systemic racism? Systemic means it’s in the system by design.”

Many of you may have heard the term “systemic racism” being thrown around during these riots. The Democrats have been in power in these states and in the country as a whole long enough to ensure “systemic racism” is a thing of the past. The problem is there is just plain racism, and no it is not rampant in America.

“George Floyd died in a blue city,” Limbaugh added. “He died in a deep blue city, in a deep blue state. He died in a place where there shouldn’t be any police brutality because the Democrats are not gonna permit it. The Democrats are gonna fix it. The Democrats are gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.”

That’s the point. Whatever motivated that evil former police officer to commit such a heinous crime, was it racism? Maybe. Was it a power trip? Possibly. Maybe it was both. The Democrats are promising something they can never deliver: eradicating evil people from the world.

You can’t legislate morals. You can’t get rid of all sin from this world. That’s the Democrats’ “utopia” they keep promising, and when Democrat voters wise up realizing they have been sold a huge lie, only then can America become even a better nation.

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