Clint Eastwood Upsets Democrats, Blasts Fake News & Deep State In New Video

Clint Eastwood is really upsetting the leftist media and their Democrat cohorts with his new movie trailer for “Richard Jewell” which tells the true-life story of the 1996 Atlanta bombing. Eastwood takes aim at “fake news” and a certain type of FBI investigator which brings to mind the deep state rats President Trump has had to deal with. This has ticked off those who want to see Trump gone. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and Clint Eastwood (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

We all know movies can be one of the most powerful forums to sway a certain political point of view. That’s why the Democrats and the Hollywood leftists are so aligned. It’s also why Clint Eastwood is really pissing them off with his new movie trailer.

“The fact that Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood was circling a movie about Richard Jewell was no accident. With our fake news media currently on a rampage to overturn the 2016 presidential election with a relentless caravan of lies and fraud, Eastwood knew a timely subject matter when he saw one,” Breitbart reports.

During the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, 34-year-old Richard Jewell was working security when he discovered a suspicious package. Risking his own life, Jewell evacuated the area before the bomb went off.

One person was killed in the blast, dozens were injured, but were it not for Jewell’s bravery and instincts, the death toll would have been unthinkable.

What happened next at the hands of the Deep State FBI, the national media, and the late-night comics was one of the most disgusting episodes you’ll see.

Because he was white, because he lived with his mother (she was ill), because he wanted to be a cop, and because he was a southerner, the feds, the media, and the talk show hosts targeted this hero for personal destruction.

Working hand in hand with the Deep State FBI, the media smeared Jewell as a pathetic, mama’s boy who planted his own bomb so he could be a national hero, and the late-night comics eviscerated him as a fat, dumb, southern-fried mama’s boy.

Gee, any of this starting to sound familiar?

Jewell is far from the bombastic billionaire President Donald Trump, but he suffered the same type of smear campaign, by the same type of elements we see today. None of this was lost on the leftist media who also reported on Eastwood debuting the Jewell movie trailer.

“Clint Eastwood goes political, guns for Oscar with ‘Richard Jewell’ trailer,” Yahoo News reports. “Eastwood’s particular political leanings…takes the side of the individual against political bureaucracy and the mass media.”

“Clint Eastwood Takes Aim at the FBI and the Media in ‘Richard Jewell’ Trailer,” The Wrap reports. Then, there’s an entertainment gossip columnist site called “Lainey’s Gossip,” and they really echo what every Democrat and Hollywood leftist is thinking.

“We are now in the midst of a very contentious political battle with a president whose entire term has been marked with hostility toward the press and the FBI. And here comes Eastwood, one of the most famous Republicans in Hollywood, making a movie about how the press and the FBI gang up on innocent people and ruin their lives for, I dunno, sport. It just doesn’t seem like a coincidence,” Lainey Gossip reports.

“Jewell fits the profile of a lone bomber,” a representative from the fake media said, “a frustrated white man who is a police wannabe who seeks to become a hero.”

“We’re running it,” says her editor.

Running it. Based only on a profile. No facts. No evidence. No proof. Nothing concrete. Just narrative, narrative, narrative — just bigotry and hatred toward an “other.”

Is anyone getting George Zimmerman-Covington Kids-Darren Wilson-Duke La Crosse-Brett Kavanaugh-University of Virginia-Russia Collusion-Ukraine Hoax flashbacks?

There was no happy ending to this story. Jewell successfully sued NBC News and CNN (sound familiar?), but he died aged 44 having never completely recovered from being twisted into a national pariah and joke.

One happy ending would have been our media learning a lesson. But as we all know, the leftist media grew into an even bigger monster to the point we see today. Who would had ever thought 20 years ago that we would become so skeptical about the mainstream news? That it’s a known truth you can’t trust a thing they say.

Luckily, we still have someone like Clint Eastwood who has the clout to flip off the entire movie industry and make a film that could open up the eyes of those who still think President Trump didn’t really win the 2016 election. Eastwood’s movie could red pill voters so much so, that whoever runs against Trump will wish they never got the nomination in the first place.

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