De Niro: Impeachment Must Proceed Because Trump ‘Has to Pay,’ Gets Reality Check

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Robert De Niro made an appearance on MSNBC over the weekend, and the anti-Trump actor commented on the sham impeachment inquiry. De Niro, making little to no sense, claimed the impeachment of President Donald Trump must “move forward,” otherwise “we’re letting him get away with something.” Immediately, poor Bobby got a big reality check. You’ll love this.

Robert De Niro and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Actor and left-wing activist Robert De Niro told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on a Saturday appearance on AM Joy that the impeachment of President Trump must move ahead. Why? Well, that’s where the Trump-hating celebrity had a problem. De Niro couldn’t really articulate one reason why Trump must be impeached.

The Godfather actor, who is notoriously anti-Trump, told Reid during an appearance on the network that Congress must move forward with the partisan impeachment inquiry because the president “has done something wrong” and “has to pay for that.”

“If we don’t go through [with] this impeachment inquiry, we’re letting him get away with something…we just gotta move forward and take our chances,” De Niro said.

“He has done something wrong. He has to pay for that,” he said of Trump.

The two also discussed De Niro’s latest mob movie, The Irishman, which prompted Reid to compare Trump to a “gangster” who may be “behaving at the behest of gangsters, like the leader of Russia.” The Goodfellas star argued that Trump is “not even a good gangster” and “wouldn’t last long” in that world.

“I have no idea why they follow him ’cause he’s not even a good gangster. He can’t even keep his word about anything. I think in the real gangster world, he wouldn’t last long,” Robert De Niro said. “He lasts long in his own little real estate world, where he’s the boss because he’s the boss and he inherited all that money and he’s a fool. In the real world, he wouldn’t last long. That’s my feeling.”

In an appearance at the BFI London Film Festival in October, De Niro slammed Trump and told The Guardian that he is “a gangster president.”

“I can’t wait to see him in jail,” he added.

The Academy Award-winner told British GQ last month that Trump is “beyond a horrible person” and assessed that the president is “worse than we ever thought he would be.”

“He’s beyond a horrible person. I went on television the day after he was elected and I said, ‘I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt,’” the actor said. “But he’s worse than we ever thought he would be. He’s an idiot. He’s a fool. He’s a buffoon. He’s silly. He’s tacky. He’s dangerous.”

Well, poor Bobby got a big reality check from Americans who see him using his celebrity platform to spew utter nonsense. 

“These Elitists are crazy. Trump should Pay for what? Lowest unemployment ever for Blacks, Hispanics, and Women? Largest Tax cut ever? Greatest Stock Market in History?” tweeted Bruce Chambers.

Listen to this #bufoon Robert #DeNiro in an interview with #joyReid this morning, another knucklehead. He’s less informed than your average liberal, you can tell. Great actor but you can tell you would be a nitwit to hold a [political] conversation with,” tweeted Twitter user “The Truth.”

“Pay for what Deniro! U haven’t a clue The do nothing demos don’t even know what their inquiry is about there— only vendetta is to take down a duly elected President! It’s all unethical politics Deniro u only know how to use curse word u have no intelligence,” tweeted Ann Kania.

“Who gives a sh*t what someone in the beast system has to say!!? Hollywood’s little errand boy. Nobody cares what ‘celebrities’ have to say anymore,” tweeted “Praytriot.”

@RobertDeNiroUS what exactly did @realDonaldTrump do that he must pay for? Aren’t you the one with ties to #JeffreyEpstein? Didn’t you fly on the #LolitaExpress and goto #SexSlaveIsland? You should pay! You are a true #POS #Liar. #DemocratsAreCorrupt,” tweeted “Bumper loves America.”

Even the Hollywood crowd can’t articulate any real reason Trump “must be” impeached, which isn’t how the 1973 impeachment of Richard Nixon played out or the 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton.

In both cases, Nixon and Clinton had been found guilty of crimes by independent investigations. For Nixon, it was “obstruction of justice” by covering up the crime of the Watergate break-in, and Clinton was found guilty of 11 felonies and lost his law license.

President Trump, as much as those like De Niro may wish, has not committed any crime. For three years the Democrats have been building up fake charges like Russian collusion, knowing full well Trump did not collude, rather it was the deep state rats who were busy bees committing all kinds of crimes.

This impeachment stunt is the payoff for those idiots like De Niro who bought the lies. Well, they will impeach Trump, but we also know the truth cannot stay hidden, and those who rejoiced in this impeachment will be remembered as the utter buffoons who were on the wrong side of history.

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