Decision Delayed: Burst Pipe In GA, Other Key State Update ‘Recount Territory’

Most Americans went to bed with the Trump campaign having a very good lead in the swing states of North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Strange happenings occurred overnight that now has the Trump campaign manager saying: “We are now in recount territory.” Strange indeed. You don’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

It all started with a burst water pipe in the Democrat stronghold of Fulton County, Georgia. “A burst pipe has slowed the counting of absentee-by-mail ballots in the Georgia county that includes Atlanta by four hours — likely ruining any hope that the state’s election results will be known on Tuesday night,” New York Post reports. 

Many conservatives are claiming that as Joe Biden underperformed in the Democrat counties and President Donald Trump overperformed, the Democrats allegedly called a halt to the election hoping to see what type of lead they would need to make up to ensure a Biden victory.

That same scenario of not continuing to count votes manifested in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

“Georgia and North Carolina are mathematically impossible for a Biden win,” said Richard Baris of “Big Data Polling” on Wednesday morning during a live-stream of Steve Bannon’s “War Room.”

Baris went on to explain Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were leaning heavily for Trump when the Democrats pulled the plug. This affected Michigan and Wisconsin where something “strange” happened, again.

“Biden didn’t hit his turnout marks all night,” Baris added. “It was obvious those states were done for Biden. That’s why the victory for Trump looked bigger than in 2016. They [Democrats] were ‘holding holding holding’ then miraculously the numbers came in around 4 am were just the right numbers Biden needed with 95 percent of the vote going to Joe Biden…it was number counting.”

Baris claims the Democrats will now start to work on “getting Pennslyvania within striking distance.”

“Hundreds of millions of Americans went to bed on Tuesday’s election night seeing Trump in the lead in key states, with the data experts of major outlets indicating that his victory in many of those states was highly likely,” Glen Greenwald reports.

“They woke up to the opposite indication: that Biden is now a slight favorite to win several if not all of those remaining key states. But what is clear is that it will be days if not longer before the votes are fully counted, with judicial proceedings almost certain to prolong the outcomes even further,” Greenwald adds.

And the full extent of the “irregularities” in the 2016 primary race between Clinton and Sanders was never fully appreciated given how pro-Clinton the press was. As just one example, “200,000 New York City voters” — many in pro-Sanders precincts — “had been illegally wiped off the rolls and prevented from voting in the presidential primary.”

“If we count all legal ballots, the president wins,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said on a call with reporters, says the New York Times. Trump campaign officials told reporters that “if all legally cast ballots are counted, we believe the president will win.” They continue to describe Fox News, AP calls of Arizona for Biden as “just plain wrong.”

Nevada, at the time of this writing, has Trump down by only 8,000 votes. Arizona conservatives are saying there are still votes out there for Trump and the campaign should not give up.

Pollster Larry Schweikart put out a series of updates on Wednesday morning:

1) GA: too close to call. Baris has it as 40,000 Trump final, but “they’re gonna try to steal it in Fulton.”

2) MI: Biteme “overcame” a 600,000 Trump lead. Baris: “these were all absentees, at unrealistic top end levels in every single precinct.” This looks like theft.

3) AZ: Both Ducey and Kelli Ward have adviced Pres. Trump that there are enough R votes out there to reclaim AZ. Baris: outstanding votes have been going to Trump 3:1, so, yeah, it’s there.

4) Baris thinks the Trump advantage is too big in PA even for fraud. Last I looked it was 600,000, but again in MI Trump had 600,000 & they overcame. Baris says Trump should demand a recanvass of MI right away.

Florida had no problems counting its votes. Thankfully we had Gov. Ron DeSantis ensuring these shenanigans did not happen in his state.

America, the world’s superpower, can’t count votes and announce who won on Election Night? That’s what the Democrats are saying happened. The Democrats and their media comrades had planned this scenario all along. Now, the real war begins as President Trump must take this to court, and We the People must demand the election is not stolen by those who refused to accept Trump won in 2016.

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