Democrat Rules Chairman: Americans Didn’t Elect Trump In 2016, Gets Reality Check

The Democrats are holding another impeachment hearing today. Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) chairs the House Rules Committee, and he right off the bat alleged that Americans didn’t elect Donald Trump in 2016: “I will never—and I mean I will never—be okay if other nations decide our leaders for us. The president of the United States is rolling out the welcome mat for that kind of foreign interference [in 2020].” Well, that’s when McGovern got a big reality check he never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Rep. Jim McGovern, Rep. Doug Collins (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The Democrats’ impeachment sham is now one big train wreck after Chairman Jerry Nadler and his cohorts wrote articles of impeachment without naming one crime. Instead, Nadler spent 700 pages describing “bribery, extortion, and a quid pro quo,” yet the Democrats did not include any of those charges in the articles against President Donald Trump.

Now, in this hearing today the Democrats are alleging a new “crime,” claiming that Americans did not elect Trump in 2016 and that foreign powers (Russia) will once again interfere and elect him again in 2020.

It’s blatantly absurd. It’s blatantly false. It’s a big ruse and last-ditch effort to stop Trump in 2020. 

That’s why this morning House Rules Chairman Jim McGovern slapped 63 million Americans voters in the face when he claimed Americans did not elect Trump in 2016. “I will never—and I mean I will never—be okay if other nations decide our leaders for us. The president of the United States is rolling out the welcome mat for that kind of foreign interference,” said McGovern.

In fact, there have been four investigations including Special Counsel Robert Mueller who tried like hell to find one iota of evidence to link the Trump campaign to Russia, and they could not find it happened at all.

After a scathing IG Report which found President Trump was spied on by the Obama investigation, it goes against reality to continue to claim Trump is not a duly elected president and somehow Russia colluded to get him elected.

Democrats must think Americans are so ignorant we would fall for once again their Russia and Trump election interference hoax. 

“This, from the same Democrats who yawned when Russia annexed Crimea, and when Obama denied Kyiv the lethal defense aid Trump has provided,” Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy said. “This, from the same Democrats who swooned when Obama mocked Mitt Romney for observing that Russia remains our most worrisome geopolitical foe.”

“This, from the same Democrats who cheered when Obama struck a deal, including cash ransom payments, to give Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of anti-American terrorism, an industrial-strength nuclear program that, in the absence of meaningful monitoring, could be converted to a nuclear-arms program in nothing flat,” McCarthy added.

It should also be noted that the Democrats charge Trump with “obstruction of Congress,” not a real crime. However, all Trump has done is to do what any other American has a right to do as a citizen and deny participating in what he sees as a “bogus process.” The Democrats are then left to go to the courts and make their case to see if the Judicial Branch will enforce the Executive Branch to participate in impeachment.

Instead, the Democrats claimed “they couldn’t wait” to see what the third branch of government would rule. Isn’t that the Democrats abusing their power? Which is the other article of impeachment against Trump: “abuse of power.” Which is another baseless accusation and is not a real crime.

This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, and that’s why patriots gave poor Jim McGovern a big reality check. 


“Jim McGovern said this is absolutely not an attempt to undo the 2016 election, that this is about Ukraine alone. Oh, really Jim? Is that so? Because your speaker said you all have been trying to impeach him for 2.5 years. Way before Ukraine. Which is it?” tweeted “Deplorable.”

“Jim McGovern of the house rules committee chairman can’t even speak in an impartial manner notice how he doesn’t say alleged crimes when speaking about POTUS. No crimes have been proven and shows his biased kangaroo court Democrat,” tweeted Bob Smith.

“When people like Chuck Schumer & Jim McGovern quote the Founding Fathers & speak of justice, fairness, & the Constitution, I want to spit in their face,” tweeted Doug Davis.

“Rep Jim McGovern (D) wrapping himself in the American Flag, truth, justice, and our very way of life as he attempts to breathe life into this sorry, pitiful, attempt to take down a duly elected President,” tweeted “Save Our Senate.”

“Jim McGovern (D-MA) The Democrat party is THE party of foreign outside sources in which they stand. The Republican Party & President Trump is the party of America and what it has and ALWAYS will stand for! It’s Virtue and it’s People who Love this Land!” tweeted Lisa Bauman.

“Jim McGovern dare say President Trump got due Process yet Democrats can spy lie and buy dossier from a liar to get FISA warrants to spy on President Trump and his campaign to use impeachment to cover up Democrats crimes is a disgrace to America– put America through hell for 4 yrs,” tweeted “Cult45censorgirl.”

Americans see right through the Democrats lies. We will not be fooled again by their false accusations that Russia got Trump elected. 

This has turned into a comedy of errors. The Democrats have no crimes to charge Trump with so they are bringing up the blatantly false accusations that have been proven by numerous investigations as having no basis in fact and not one iota of evidence was ever found.

Jim McGovern just pissed off 63 million Americans who voted for Trump in 2016, and he just made sure Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

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