Nevada Fines County For Allowing MAGA Rally, Trump Voters Strike Back

After one of President Donald Trump’s high-energy rallies at the Minden-Tahoe Airport in Douglas County, Nevada’s Division of Industrial Relations dished out some punishment, issuing “fines” against those involved. Well, that’s when the Trump supporters got the last laugh and made them totally regret making such a Communist-type move in America. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump at MAGA rally in Nevada (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Officials in Democrat-run Nevada decided to punish those who hosted a huge Nevada Trump rally. They decided that both the county and the company that owns the airport where the rally took place were both in “violation of the state’s COVID-19 safety directives.”

As a result of their alleged health violations, both entities were hit with heavy fines, to the tune of $2,950 for Douglas County and $2,603 against ABS Aviation, Inc., according to The Nevada Independent.

However, something amazing happened in the wake of the news of the fines, with someone in the local community launching a GoFundMe with the hopes of helping out both entities pay the fines, which were seemingly leveled because of politics, under the commonly used guise of citing COVID-19 health concerns.

A Douglas County resident by the name of Blayne Osborn launched the online fundraiser, adding that the Trump rally was a wonderful event and pointed out that the county and company were unfairly fined for hosting the President of the United States in their hometown.

“We’d like to stand up for these two groups and raise enough money to pay these ridiculous and arbitrary  fines in support of our first amendment rights to peacefully assemble. We sincerely appreciate your support and generous donations!” Osborn wrote on the fundraiser page while being completely transparent about one confirmed case of COVID-19 that possibly resulted from contact at the rally, though it wasn’t confirmed.

Osborn set a GoFundMe goal of raising the exact amount needed to cover both fines, and as of Wednesday morning, it’s clear that the residents of Douglas County are the type of people who pull together and help one another out, because the total raised currently sits well over the goal amount, at $6,768.

Go Fund Me page

During the rally, Trump slammed Gov. Steve Sisolak for apparently forcing the rally to be moved at the last minute from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport to the Minden-Tahoe airport.

“Here’s a guy calling venues telling them not to have the rally, calling different venues, ‘Don’t have the rally. We’re not going to let you have the rally,’” Trump told the large rally crowd.

Not surprisingly, the governor’s office claims that they didn’t call around in attempts to cancel the rally.

But even if they had, it’s clear that Douglas County was ready and willing to afford due respect to America’s 45th president. Douglas County spokesperson Melissa Blosser said that when they got the call asking if the rally could be held at the local airport, county officials carefully weighed the state’s COVID-19 orders against the freedoms afforded to Americans by the First Amendment.

There is this Democrat talking point that Trump rallies of all kinds are “super-spreader” events. However, when you look into these allegations, you get vague information with disclaimers that say: “People did not necessarily get infected at the events directly.”

Courtney Parella, deputy national press secretary for the Trump campaign, told Axios, (a leftwing outlet happily making these allegations), that the campaign takes “strong precautions for our campaign events, requiring every attendee to have their temperature checked, be provided a mask they’re instructed to wear, and ensuring access to plenty of hand sanitizer.”

Leftist reporter Gene Lyons, writing for the Chicago-Sun-Times, also devoted an article to attempt to smear the Trump rallies as “super-spreaders.” His evidence is Minnesota, which hosted a MAGA rally on September 30.

“Three weeks after that, the following headline appeared in the Duluth News-Tribune: ‘St. Louis County sees another record-breaking week of COVID-19 cases.’ Any questions?” Lyons writes.

Well, yes. The headline states “another record-breaking week.” The fact that Minnesota lifted many of its draconian lockdown restrictions in May is the real reason there were any spikes, not a Trump rally. The truth is lockdowns do not stop the coronavirus.

Every time you lift a lockdown, people will get the virus. That’s why lockdowns are not the best way to handle the China virus. Americans can’t stay in lockdown forever.

The residents and officials of Douglas County should be applauded for their efforts in accommodating President Trump and then banding together after being punished for doing so. Hopefully, other counties and towns follow their awesome example in any similar future incidents.

We can’t buy into Joe Biden’s prediction of a “dark winter” of doom and gloom. Mental health professionals are warning they are seeing teens and younger adults with an increase in depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. The best medicine for many is attending a MAGA rally with like-minded Americans, and no one should be fined for exercising their God-given right of liberty and freedom.

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