Big Red Wave Is Coming On Election Day, Biden Camp Revs Up For Court Challenge

As the last weekend is here before Election Day, non-mainstream pollsters who got it right in 2016 are weighing in, and they say: “The big red wave is coming.” Don’t miss how the mainstream media and pollsters got it wrong again and what the Democrats will likely do on Election Night.

President Donald Trump, Trump Boat Parade (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

President Donald Trump is poised to win in a landslide on Election Day. Forget what you’re hearing in the liberal press and even on Fox News. Several key pollsters, who got it right in 2016, are all saying a big red wave is coming.

Christopher Barron, who is a political strategist and contributor to The Hill, rightly predicted Trump would win in 2016. Now, all of his data is confirming another win. However, Trump is likely to go over the 305 Electoral Votes he got in 2016.

“The top-line for the Presidential race is that it’s going to be tight in several key battleground states. But, when all is said and done President Donald J. Trump will be re-elected,” Barron writes. “The smallest margin of victory for Trump in a state he will carry will be in Michigan.”

“The smallest margin of victory for Biden in a state he will carry will be in Nevada,” Barron adds. “The swing states I feel most comfortable that the President will win by several points in are Florida and Ohio.”

Ohio is considered a “bellwether” state. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation in presidential elections.  Since 1944, Ohioans have sided with the losing candidate only once – opting for Nixon over Kennedy in 1960.

“Two states that the media have tried to convince us are swing states, Georgia and Texas, are not swing states,” Barron claims. “The President will win easily (by more than 5% points) and Democrats will thoroughly regret wasting time and money on both states.”

He also predicts Joe Biden will prevail in the popular vote, meaning that Democrats will spend the next four years crowing about how we need to change the rules so that their candidate will win.

Another expert and noted author, Larry Schweikart, also predicted Trump would win in 2016, going against all the “conventional wisdom” in the mainstream media. He also sees a huge landslide coming for the GOP and Trump.

“In North Carolina, for example, Democrats—despite employing the pandemic panic on their voters to vote by mail—are actually trailing their 2016 pace when Donald Trump carried the state by three points,” Schweikart said. “Florida looks ready to stick the fork into. Based on their torrid voting the last week, Sunshine State Republicans look poised to actually lead by election day, while in 2016 they trailed by 96,000 votes.”

Pennsylvania “looks” good for Democrats until you realize that half of them have already voted, but two-thirds of the electorate has not. In other words, there are a lot of Republican votes waiting for Election Day.

Even in Nevada, the turnout from the rural areas is 40,000 ahead of 2016, and when adjusted for population, the D lead is far slimmer than in 2016 when Hillary Clinton won by just 26,000 votes.

Christopher Barron also has a prediction about what the Democrats will do after it is apparent Trump is heading for a landslide. 

“It will be clear on election night that Trump has been re-elected. Despite the fact that it will be absolutely clear, most of the major news networks will not call the race,” Barron explains. “Joe Biden won’t concede, and Twitter and Facebook will censor posts from the President after he declares victory.”

The country will spend the next month in a series of pointless court challenges from the Biden campaign, the media will breathlessly talk about how the election was stolen. In the end, Trump will have been right on election night and will be sworn in again in January 2021.

This is why it is so important to understand the Democrats are totally revving up to squash Americans from taking to social media to claim a Trump victory. However, we can get the word out now. So, by Election Night, patriots can flood the internet.

What’s the worse they can do? Suspend our accounts? If there are tens of thousands of Trump supporters demanding their right to free speech, we just might break those Big Tech CEO’s who have been censoring our free speech. We must fight like hell and defend our God-given rights.

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