No Nap Time: Biggest Gaffe Day Is Here, Biden Attempts To Campaign Like Trump

All seasoned politicos know if you want to make sure the American people miss something newsworthy, Friday is the best day to dump information. That can also be said of political campaigns. Joe Biden’s handlers have added three stops for their candidate on Friday. That also means no nap time for ole Joe. Can Biden take the rigors of campaigning like President Donald Trump? Nope. He is already screwing up, big time. You’ll love this.

Joe Biden campaigns in Iowa on Friday (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

If Friday shapes up to be anything like Thursday for the Biden campaign, it will be the biggest gaffe day ever for the former vice president. In fact, Joe Biden has never made three campaign stops on one day during this 2020 election.

That’s what his campaign is set to do on Friday. 

“Joe Biden (D) is expected to have his ‘busiest’ travel day since formally becoming the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee,” Breitbart reports. “Biden’s campaign added a last-minute stop in Minnesota to his schedule on Friday. According to reports, he will hold a drive-in rally in St. Paul, in addition to events in Wisconsin and Iowa.”

Joe Biden rallies are a joke. Hardly anyone is attending, so no one is reporting on his continued screw-ups.

Biden does not have the regular teleprompters on each side of his podium. Instead, the Biden campaign was caught with a huge jumbotron in the back of the event that the candidate was reading off:

Joe Biden reads off his jumbotron (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshots)

Joe was caught early on Friday already getting angry. This is something he does more and more. It is also a symptom of early-onset Dementia, but obviously, we can’t make an official diagnose.

Joe was at the airport when he angrily ran away from reporters who asked him about the scandal plaguing his family where they allegedly enriched themselves through deals with Chinese Communist Party officials. Fox News’ Lou Dobbs carried the moment live on Friday morning:

It’s no wonder Biden was angry on Friday morning. He got tuckered out on Thursday afternoon on his campaign stop in Broward County, Florida.

“Hello Broward County,” Joe began, then his speech got slurred as he forgot what he was saying.

“Thank you all so much for being here,” he added. “I’ll tell you what. I do miss the opportunity to just wander in and shake hands with-with all of yous. But we decided a while ago that we were going to be responsible and not be, ah, ah but I just won’t get into it…but just be responsible.”

The Biden campaign is getting so desperate that they are playing up Beau Biden’s death who was Joe’s son who died of cancer a few years ago.

Joe’s campaign welcomed a few families who lost a child at Parkland High School so the former vice-president could once again tell Americans how sad he was to lose Beau. It was pathetic. Beau Biden did not die due to gunfire at a school. But that didn’t stop Joe from pretending to shed a tear behind his Aviator sunglasses.

“Folks, ah, I know what it means to lose a child,” Biden told the small crowd. “No matter how often, no matter how long it occurred, every time you want to stand up and talk about your son or daughter who you lost it brings back the memories as if it was ten minutes ago.”

Joe then changed gears and appeared to get winded and coughed. As he continued to read off his jumbotron, he got angrier and angrier, yelling at the top of his lungs. That’s how he ended Thursday.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, a video is going viral of Biden at a campaign stop from earlier in the week.

“I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,” he says.

On Friday, he shows up in Iowa. The pre-game show before he got there was a total disaster. At one point, there was no speaker on stage for over 20 minutes.

Joe takes the stage to a few honking horns. He proceeds to get the name wrong of an Iowa representative, then he completely forgets the last name of another candidate.

“Amy Finkenauer… oh no, I mean Abbey Finkenhauer,” Biden says. “And I tell you what. What about Teresa. I tell you what you’re going to make my night when you win…you have no idea.”

“As they say back in Scranton, you’re the real deal kid,” Biden adds.

No one has any idea of what Teresa he is talking about. He never says her last name. Biden is talking again off the cuff, and he is having difficulty remembering her last name. After doing a Google search, we believe he was referring to Theresa Greenfield who is running against Iowa Senator Joni Earnst, but we cannot be sure.

Biden then droned on about the China virus claiming the president inherited a great economy from Barack Obama that he squandered. Biden ignores the latest economic report that just came out on Thursday that said our “gross domestic product” or GDP went up a whopping 33 percent in the third quarter.

That’s the single best GDP ever recorded in the history of our country.

“We chose hope over fear, we chose unity over friction…division,” Biden yells at the crowd making another gaffe in Iowa on Friday. “Science over fiction, truth over lies!”

Poor Joe, he still has two stops left. If Iowa is Joe at his best, you can bet the gaffe machine is just getting rolling. This guy isn’t fit to be in charge of anything. Joe needs to be looking at nursing homes, not looking to occupy the Oval Office.

His entire campaign has been one big game of seeing how long they could keep him in his bunker basement. Well, they brought him out on Friday, and it’s not going to end well at all.

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