GOP Snakes In Senate May Block Trump’s Witnesses, Americans Make Them Regret It

Leave it to Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, three of six GOP senators who are aiding and abetting the Democrats in this sham-impeachment trial. These GOP “snakes” are threatening to allow Adam Schiff’s bogus witnesses. However, they would then deny President Donald Trump his witnesses? This is totally unacceptable, and that’s why Americans are making them regret it. Don’t miss this.

GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, and Susan Collins (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Along with Romney, Collins, and Murkowski, who are always siding with Democrats against Trump, three more GOP senators are also threatening the same thing: Cory Gardener (CO), Lamar Alexander (TN), and Rob Portman (OH).

The spectacle Thursday of the Senate swearing-in Chief Justice John Roberts, and the Senators fraudulently swearing that they would deliver impartial justice, brought home the fact that the impeachment of President Donald Trump is very real.

The House of Representatives disgraced itself with a process that broke with precedent and basic principles of fairness. It impeached the president for legal conduct, on grounds that sow the seeds of future political chaos, if granted legitimacy.

Democrats are proposing not only to reverse the will of the voters in November 2016 — an election whose outcome they have never accepted — but also to “interfere” in the November 2020 election, stamping the president with the scarlet “I.”

“To hear Republicans take all of this seriously — debating witnesses and the like — is infuriating. Why should Democrats be able to call a single witness after denied Republicans the ability to call any witnesses of their own in the House inquiry?” Joel Pollock reports via Breitbart:

Why should Democrats be able to introduce new testimony, and new “factual” claims — from shady characters facing criminal indictment, no less — when Republicans were prevented from calling the original accuser, the “whistleblower”?

The only witness, in fact, who must be called — if witnesses are called at all — is the “whistleblower,” because the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the accused, including the president, the right to confront his or her accuser.

But to allow the Senate trial to go that far would grant the impeachment legitimacy it does not deserve.

Luckily, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who is in charge of the proceedings, has no qualms about destroying the Democrats. 

“Look for [McConnell] to make a complete spectacle of this circus and put Dems to shame. It’s his election year and nothing will give him greater pleasure than to be out campaigning and dragging the hollowed-out carcass of this circus with him,” said one GOP source close to the Majority Leader.

These six GOP snakes who know very well this entire impeachment has been one huge farce are going to face the wrath of millions of Americans if they side with the Democrats. Just look at how they were getting destroyed on social media:

“I have a feeling these RINOS are involved with the Democrats in the Ukraine Money Laundering & Other Criminal Activities.. hence why they refuse to stand with Trump,” tweeted Angry Americans United.

“Senate Republicans will either show some spine against the absurd Democrat Impeachment Clown Show or face the electoral consequences,” tweeted Mark Grant.

“Any Republican who willingly joins Pelosi’s cast of characters in this cheap political theater will be dead to us,” tweeted Oathkeeper 56.

“The Senate should dismiss these unconstitutional Articles. No if & or buts. Those Repubs voting against it should be primaried & voted out,” tweeted K. R. Llyod Persaud.

“Show some sack! Sack up! You’re republicans for crying out loud, the only sane political party left on this planet, the party that actually gets something done for the US constituent, yes, even people from ME and UT! Show a little satchel!” tweeted “Bold & Honest.”

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell set expectations of a dismissal last month. Conservatives will not forgive Senate Republicans if they buckle and bow to an illegitimate House process or Democrats’ outrageous witness demands.

However, if these GOP snakes side with the Democrats that may cause the Senate trial to go on and on. You may remember it was Collins and Murkowski who gave the Democrats leeway when Christine Blasely Ford popped up during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Add Mitt Romney, who is working really hard to take Senator John McCain’s place as the biggest GOP traitor in Congress, and well, you can see how this senate trial can get out of control real fast.

That’s why we must urge Mitch McConnell, who is an astute political player, many say even better than San Fran Nan (Pelosi), to wield his power and make it crystal clear to those GOP snakes that no defections will be allowed.

Americans at home can call their offices and leave messages, or contact them on social media. Tell them if they fail this impeachment trial test and give the Democrats quarter, there will be no coming back. They will be voted out in utter disgrace. They serve We the People, and it’s high time they showed allegiance to President Donald Trump.

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