Immigrant Makes History, But Liberal Media Tries To Hide Her Story

An immigrant is making history this week, but you’ve probably never heard a word of her inspiring story. That’s because the liberal media seems to be working overtime to bury it. When you learn the reason, you’ll be appalled. This is why President Donald Trump calls them “the enemy of the people.”

Young Kim (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Twitter via IJR)

After beating her opponent, Gil Cisneros, to represent California’s 39th District, Republican candidate Young Kim is poised to make history by becoming the first Korean-American congresswoman, yet some are not pointing out the importance of her win.

“For me, to represent such a diverse district as an Asian-American, and to think that I would be the first Korean-American woman to serve in Congress, it is historic,” Kim told IJR. “But, more than the historic significance of it, I’m just excited that we have an opportunity to elect a female representative who fits this district, who’s worked in this district, who has raised and built a family here.”

Kim emigrated from South Korea in 1975. She is a small business owner who believes in bipartisanship and fairness in dealing with controversial topics.

“I am an immigrant myself. I’m talking about fairness, compassion, and securing the border,” she said. “When I talk about fairness, I’m talking about people like me and many others who come here, waiting in line for their chance at the American dream. Coming here legally.”

Kim shares the same opinions as other legal immigrants who went through the proper channels to come to the U.S. the right way; by submitting the necessary paperwork, passing background checks, and proving the ability to be a contributing member of society — not by marching with a caravan and hoping to illegally breach the border.

Seemingly, because she is Republican and a legal immigrant, Kim’s story has been swept under the rug by the liberal media, despite the fact that she is a woman of color who is making history, something the political left typically idolizes.

Many social media users took to Twitter to point out the glaring double-standard.

“The Media darlings were Beto, Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams. They all lost,” tweeted Robby Starbuck. “They didn’t cover Young Kim who won because she’s Republican. It’s a total scam. At what point do they get embarrassed by how they propagandize candidates they wish would win as if they’re going to win?”

Donald Trump Jr. wrote, “Congressional candidate Young Kim, the self-made woman of color the media didn’t fall in love with.”

“Another big highlight was the first Korean-American woman elected to the House, Young Kim (Republican),” tweeted Josh Jordan. “Her history making victory is generating almost no coverage, but I can’t imagine why that would be…”

Of course, this is not the first time that the mainstream media has totally side-stepped a ground-breaking female simply because she also happens to be a Republican. If it were the first time, perhaps it wouldn’t be so alarming. But, sadly, this double-standard has been at play for years.

Take, for example, Kellyanne Conway. She was the first woman in history to manage a winning presidential campaign. Yet, she is vilified by the media and the Democrats, never praised.

And, we can’t forget White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has three small children at home and still manages to hold down own of the most high-profile gigs in Washington as President Donald Trump’s White House press secretary.

Sanders has truly achieved it all through hard work and unwavering diligence, yet it’s as if she has a target on her back. The poor woman can’t even go out to eat with her family without being driven out of town by unhinged liberals.

These women would be considered feminist icons, if only they were Democrats. So would Young Kim. But, alas, she is a hard-working Republican who believes in the rule of law. So, she will never get the credit she is due from the left.

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