Inmate “Slips” In Shower & Tears Rectum, Sues County For Failing To Provide Him With Safety Device

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A man with a long record of criminal activity was once again arrested in Multnomah County, Oregon. Before being sent to his cell, he was ordered to take a shower. While showering, the man “slipped” and suffered a painful injury. Now, he’s blaming the jail employees for his accident because of what they neglected to provide, and he’s heading to court for a big payday.

An inmate had a slip and fall in a jail shower. Now he’s demanding the police pay up. (Photo Credit: Derek Key/Flickr, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

Christopher Troy Depue is one of those folks who are in and out of jail. Over the last two years, he’s visited Multnomah County’s lovely jail facilities eight times. He’s been charged with trespassing, possession of methamphetamines, and lying to police. It’s safe to say he’s familiar with police procedure and arrests.

Recently, he was picked up failing to appear in court. When brought into the jail, they ordered that he clean himself up in one of their showers. It’s a routine process, by all appearances. Perhaps Depue is used to that sort of thing by now.

But this time, he slipped in the shower and injured himself. An unfortunate turn of events, to be sure. Depue, though, instead of taking it all in stride, is accusing the jail employees of not providing a non-slip mat for the shower. He says his injury is all their fault.

So, he’s suing for nearly $1,000,000. No, you can’t make this up.

A former Multnomah County jail inmate who says he was seriously injured when he slipped in the shower has filed a $905,000 lawsuit against the county.

Christopher Troy Depue’s lawsuit said he arrived at the downtown Multnomah County Detention Center with dog feces on his pants and was ordered to take a shower. His suit faults jail employees for allegedly failing to give him a bath mat before sending him into the shower sometime after 2 a.m. on Nov. 22, 2016.

Depue, 36, ended up slipping and tearing his rectum — causing pain, fear and embarrassment, his suit said…

Jail records show Depue had just been booked into Multnomah County’s jail system based on a Clackamas County warrant for allegedly failing to appear in court to face charges of third-degree theft and first-degree trespass.

Less than a month later, he was arrested and booked into jail again on accusations of possessing methamphetamine and lying to police. He told jailers at the time that he’d undergone surgery a few weeks earlier and had been getting further care through Central City Concern, a nonprofit that helps adults affected by homelessness, poverty and addiction…

He seeks $5,000 in economic damages and $900,000 for pain and suffering. The suit was filed last month in Multnomah County Circuit Court. [Source: Oregon Live]

That’s a pretty awful thing to happen in jail. However, much worse can happen — especially if you cross the wrong cellmate.

But imagine the audacity of this man. He’s been in and out of jail for a long time. Clearly, he struggles with addiction, but that doesn’t excuse his criminal actions. For years, he’s been a burden on the state, as police and the courts have to spend tax dollars to process him every time he is arrested.

Now, he’s demanding a massive payout over a simple accident. He’s been draining the state of money for years through his bad behavior. Now, he’s ready to cash out.

Can you even process the injustice of this situation? He is demanding almost $1,000,000 because he could not stand up straight in a shower. We don’t know his state when he was arrested, whether he was intoxicated or sober.

But do you really think it was the jail’s fault for his slip and fall? Come on.

Chances are, this case will have some traction. There are greedy lawyers out there who will do anything to manipulate our system. Plus, authorities are often portrayed as cruel and uncaring towards inmates. If they get the right judge or jury, Depue might be $900,000 richer.

It’s a sad indictment of our society.

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