Jackson Lee: Impeachment Will Always Be Trump’s Legacy, Gets Rude Awakening

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) told CNN viewers that even though Nancy Pelosi has failed to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate, President Donald Trump’s legacy will always be impeachment. In fact, the Democrat Representative emphasized regardless of the transfer, impeachment is what Trump will be known for. She claimed Pelosi is “following the Constitution.” Well, that’s when Jackson Lee got a rude awakening she won’t ever forget. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

During an appearance on CNN on Saturday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee dismissed the notion that impeachment was still pending, even though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to transfer the two articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Jackson Lee also emphasized that regardless of the transfer, President Donald Trump will “always have on his legacy” impeachment. She also added the Democrats are following the Constitution.

“I believe the vote of impeachment means that the President will always have on his legacy that he was impeached, yes,” she said. “What we’re doing now is following the Constitution, which is the question of transmitting the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate. The Speaker believes that the Constitution requires fairness. One of the things that the founders did is they remove the Vice President as presiding officer of the Senate, and they put the Chief Justice, why? Because they wanted this alumina and the fairness of this process to be for everyone whether you are acquitted or not.”

“McConnell seems to believe that he has all power to not adhere to the Constitution and do whatever he desires to do, and I don’t — I think Americans understand that,” Jackson Lee continued. They don’t want to go into a courthouse where there are no rules and regulations. We don’t want to transmit the articles of impeachment where there is not rules and understanding of how this will proceed?”

Just how is Mitch McConnell not adhering to the Constitution? Jackson Lee failed to give any examples. 

Jackson Lee also claims “the president was impeached in a bipartisan manner.” That’s another baldfaced lie. Trump was impeached in a partisan manner. However, what was bipartisan was the vote to not impeach President Trump.

Well, Americans gave Jackson Lee a rude awakening on social media. 

“Impeached by traitors & criminals he exposed. There, fixed it for you,” tweeted Lisa Mei Crowley.

“They never really cared about bringing Trump to justice; just wanted to brand him as impeached for the 2020 election,” tweeted Svenska Flicka.

“It’s the Democrat whores who have been forever stained for turning impeachment into a political weapon,” tweeted “Doug G.”

“Not sure who is more stupid, this jackass or Maxine Waters!” tweeted “Countryboy.”

“Democrats historically stained in their own ‘Impeachmud’ that won’t wash away!” tweeted Katherine Pritchard.

#Jackson Lee Trump Impeached Regardless of Transfer of Articles President Will Always Have on His Legacy He Was Impeached’ Wrong it will go down as a positive that he fought and won an attempted coup d’état ! Of the left lower House!” tweeted “Patriot Paul.” 

“Not only will he have impeached beside his name in the history books he will also be the only impeached President on Mount Rushmore!” tweeted “ltlgcoach.”

Former U.S. Prosecutor Andy McCarthy weighed in on Pelosi refusing to deliver the articles of impeachment, and it doesn’t bode well for the Democrats.

“Pelosi and Democratic leadership have convinced themselves there may be advantage in delaying the formal, ministerial delivery of the impeachment articles — as if Mitch McConnell were in as much a hurry to receive them as Democrats were to conjure them up. The thought is that this latest strategic petulance might pressure Senator McConnell into promising a full-blown trial, including summoning as witnesses top aides of the president whom the House didn’t bother to summon because tangling over privilege issues would have slowed up the works,” McCarthy said. 

McCarthy adds he and Mitch McConnell are “laughing” at Pelosi’s stunt. 

“So it’s not a joke, but I still have to laugh. When I was a prosecutor negotiating plea deals, I always found the most pathetic defense lawyers were the ones who acted like they were playing with the House money when, in stark reality, it was they who needed something from me. Now here’s Pelosi trying to play hard to get with McConnell who, I imagine, couldn’t care less how long Democrats want to dither,” McCarthy said. “No one, of course, has to explain this to McConnell. In public, at least, he’s not a laughing-his-head-off kinda guy, but if he were, he would be.”

Many scholars take the position that the Constitution requires a trial if there has been an impeachment. If such a trial cannot properly occur unless and until articles of impeachment have been transferred from the House to the Senate, and Speaker Pelosi won’t transfer them, has President Trump actually been impeached?

Not really. Especially since history will find there was bipartisan support for not impeaching the 45th president. This was always a means to dirty up Trump before the 2020 election. In the end, Trump will be re-elected and this impeachment will be remembered as a big risk, and subsequently a failed attempt, to remove one of our greatest presidents.

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