Jim Acosta Cries Over How He’s Treated At Trump Rallies – He Gets Rude Awakening

Poor Jim Acosta. The CNN reporter is publicly whining about how badly he is treated at Trump rallies. “I’ve covered five presidential campaigns… long enough to know this isn’t normal,” Acosta complained. After lamenting over his treatment by Trump supporters, Jim didn’t get the sympathy he was looking for. In fact, Acosta then got a rude awakening he did not appreciate. You’ll love this.

CNN’s Jim Acosta (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshots)

CNN reporter Jim Acosta took to social media to whine about his job. It seems the 49-year-old Trump hater is perplexed about how Trump supporters treat him and his network at rallies. Poor Jim was searching for a “friendly face” in the midst of a Trump rally.

“This happens at just about every Trump rally. I’ve covered five presidential campaigns… long enough to know this isn’t normal. Sometimes I’ll scan the crowd, not for the folks who are chanting but for the people who look back at me silently, letting me know they know it’s wrong,” he tweeted along with a video clip of Trump supporters chanting “CNN Sucks!”

We don’t know how Acosta survives. He makes approximately $700,000 dollars a year as CNN’s White House correspondent.

According to Finapp, Acosta earns $700,000 per year and has a net worth of about $4 million. His net worth increased about 25% over the past few years, and he’s treated himself to a few luxuries. His home is worth about $1 million, and he owns three luxury cars totaling $420,000. Finapp predicts Acosta’s net worth is only going to increase by 40% over the next few years.

Jim Acosta isn’t risking his life. He makes 7 to 10 times more than most police officers and firefighters. Maybe the White House correspondent’s real problem is how CNN has treated Trump. Instead of blaming Trump and his supporters, Jim needs to look at his own network.

“It’s like Jim Acosta doesn’t know he’s Jim Acosta. Maybe if he didn’t act like a total doorknob 99% of the time? And c’mon, let’s not pretend CNN didn’t start this fight … a fight it seems Trump’s supporters are more than happy to finish,” Twitchy reports.

“Awww, TISSUE?! Jim Acosta claiming the way big, mean Trump supporters treat him at rallies isn’t ‘normal’ does NOT go well,” Twitchy’s headline blared. 

Americans had no sympathy for Jim Acosta. They gave him a rude awakening on social media. 

“That’s what happens when you show up as a representative of the Biden campaign. Don’t be a partisan hack and this wouldn’t happen,” tweeted Twitter user “AmErican Your Supervisor.”

“What’s wrong is a once great network @CNN spewing bile & trashing the President of the United States 24/7! You reap what you sow!” tweeted “Gailtalk.”

“Oh honey, nobody thinks it’s wrong. They all know you suck and your ratings prove it,” tweeted “Sweater Yams.”

“Well, CNN <does> suck. Don’t argue with science,” tweeted “Ellis.”

“You’re a partisan and biased hack. The world knows it and wants to remind you that we all know that your nothing but a Democratic Party propaganda minister,” tweeted “FreeSpeech.”

“Face the Facts, your network is a hyperpartisan agent of chaos and division. If you were simply moderate and fair to this administration, we would be more unified than in all of history,” tweeted “Rob.”

One study showed 92 percent of all media coverage of Trump’s presidency is negative. 

“To say that the big networks haven’t exactly had a love affair with Donald Trump, as they plainly did with President Obama, is an understatement. A new survey shows that not only is coverage of Trump overwhelmingly negative, but the president’s biggest accomplishment — the roaring economy — gets almost no attention,” Investor’s Business Daily reported back in 2018.

Glen Greenwald, who is a true journalist but no supporter of President Trump, resigned from The Intercept, a news organization he co-founded in 2014, after editors sought to “censor” an article he wrote about The Post’s exposé on documents retrieved from a Hunter Biden hard drive.

Greenwald is a real reporter. He goes wherever the evidence leads him, and he found out that you cannot report anything that would harm the Joe Biden campaign.

“The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden,” Greenwald wrote in a blog post.

This is Soviet-style censorship. Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s search engine are all censoring the Joe and Hunter Biden story. At the very core of this travesty is the evidence that points to a family who has no business serving in a political office.

The Biden family, Joe, Hunter, and Joe’s brother Jim, made alleged deals with Chinese Communist Party officials making millions. Tucker Carlson aired his interview with their business partner, Tony Bobulisnki, a retired Naval officer whose credentials are impeccable.

Bobulinski made the allegations, backed up by evidence of emails and text messages, that Joe Biden had lied and was very involved with Hunter Biden’s dealings. He claims he met twice with Joe Biden to discuss these deals. That means Joe Biden is at high-risk to be blackmailed if he wins this election, and that is the point Glen Greenwald was trying to make.

“I co-founded with the explicit goal of ensuring this never happens to other journalists, let alone to me, let alone because I have written an article critical of a powerful Democratic politician vehemently supported by the editors in the imminent national election,” Greenwald writes.

Partisan hacks like Jim Acosta, making his lucrative salary as a so-called journalist, sold his soul a long time ago. Censoring free speech is at stake in this election, and God forbid America ever becomes a socialist-communist state where its citizens are jailed for speaking their minds.

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