Jimmy Kimmel Defends Hunter Biden & Smears Trump Family, Regrets It

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel told his audience last night that Hunter Biden did nothing wrong with his lucrative deals in Ukraine and China, but President Donald Trump’s kids and their spouses are all guilty of using his office to enrich themselves and grift the American people. He was especially mean to Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Trump, calling her a “heartless imbecile with lip injections.” Well, Kimmel was made to regret it.

Jimmy Kimmel and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Jimmy Kimmel began his monologue, which was filmed before Tuesday night’s Democrat debate, with a swipe at how Trump’s daughter Ivanka earned her senior position in the White House amid the ongoing controversy surrounding former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine.

“Hunter Biden had an interview with ABC News this morning in which he admitted he probably wouldn’t have been asked to serve on the board of that company if his father wasn’t vice president — unlike Ivanka Trump, who earned her role in the White House on the merits of her line of stylish pumps,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel is piggybacking off the Democrat talking points that all the kids of President Donald Trump have enriched themselves based on their father’s political position as POTUS.

The ABC host went on to launch a defense of Hunter Biden, accusing Trump and his associates of spreading “unproven nonsense” about how he benefitted from his father’s relationships in Ukraine.

“Team Trump has been spreading all sorts of unproven nonsense about Hunter Biden, and I don’t get that,” Kimmel said. “I mean, why would they align themselves with these conspiracy theories when they can just point out that Hunter Biden is a 49-year-old man with two bracelets? For me, that’s all I need to know.”

Kimmel saved his most vicious attack for Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara after she praised his recent decision to pull U.S. troops out of Kurdish-controlled northern Syria in a Fox News interview, suggesting that most Americans would have to use Google just to find out who the Kurdish people are.

“They’d also have to google, ‘Who is the heartless imbecile with lip injections on my TV right now?’” Kimmel added. “The Kurds, Lara, are our allies, and if they get slaughtered ISIS moves in. They’re really scraping the bottom of the Trump-family barrel on the news.”

As usual, Kimmel is an ignorant Hollywood hack who has no clue about foreign affairs or current political events. 

Jimmy Kimmel might want to refrain from talking about issues that are clearly way over his head. President Trump made billions before ever becoming a politician, unlike every single Democrat currently in Congress, who got rich with lucrative deals based solely on their office.

In fact, the Trump Organization lost massive amounts of cash on potential deals when they stopped doing any new projects internationally after Trump won the election. Trump is the only president to give his salary as POTUS to charity, and Ivanka and Jared work for free.

Unlike Joe Biden and his son Hunter who made his political office their cash cow. Biden has been a politician for 50 years, and he left office in 2016. His tax returns show an income of more than $15 million dollars after 2016.

While in office, Hunter followed his father around the world where Joe had undue influence. Hunter used that as leverage to cut those lucrative deals for the Biden family. That’s grifting the American people and enriching your family based on your political office.

Americans blasted Jimmy Kimmel for his disgusting and ignorant comments. 

“Let’s all step back and take a deep breath and acknowledge that Jimmy Kimmel is about as useful as a fart in a whirlwind,” tweeted “Angry Americans United.”

“This cowardly punk would need facial reconstruction surgery if he had said this about a daughter of mine,” tweeted Mark Tapson.

“Kimmel is the garbage pit of late-night along w/all rest of the no ratings dumpster fire slobs who occupy those time slots. No one watches no one cares,” tweeted “Ohio For Trump MAGA 2020.”

“A d-bag second rate host/comedian that no one follows that can only entertain by tearing down someone he doesn’t agree with,” tweeted Kelly Craft.

After Trump won the election, these Hollywood hacks stopped being comedians and decided they were now political pundits with vast knowledge and experience to lecture Americans. They know far less than most people on Twitter, and Kimmel just parrots the talking points from CNN.

If Kimmel and his ilk are honest they will look back on this time and be ashamed. They’ll wonder how could they have been such fools and how did they get it so wrong? Thankfully, the majority of Americans got it right and saved America from the swamp dwellers who Jimmy Kimmel and his friends defend every chance they get.

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