Joy & Meghan: Trump’s 1 Cheeseburger Away From Keeling Over, They Get Destroyed

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Joy Behar and Meghan McCain are upset about Joe Biden’s health, and they claim no one has a right to question his fitness for office. “It happened with my father and obviously to Hillary Clinton, it’s now happening to Joe Biden, I think it’s the dirtiest form of politics,” McCain said while claiming the president was to blame. “He’s one cheeseburger away from keeling over himself,” laughed Behar. Well, immediately they got destroyed by the truth.

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Once again the shrews of The View are so hypocritical when it comes to President Donald Trump. However, this time really takes the cake. Ever since Trump won the presidency, he has been plagued by the leftist media questioning his fitness for office. They play armchair doctor pretending to diagnosis him, most often as mentally unfit.

This has gone on for over two years, but now that Joe Biden’s obvious health problems are in the news, the shrews are beside themselves with contempt. Of course, they blame President Trump claiming he is the one “dog whistling” to his base to bring attention to Biden’s recent gaffes, slurring and stuttering his words and at times “spacing out.”

Biden’s own campaign has kept him out of the spotlight. He missed the big Democratic primary rally over the weekend in California which is a must-go and has bowed out of several events. In fact, his campaign is reminiscent of Hillary’s in 2016.

Well, according to the shrews no American should be speculating on Biden’s health, even though he is running for president. 

“There’s a lot of things I really hate about primary politics, but one of them is health conspiracies. I hate it, it happened with my father, it happened with Michele Bachmann,” Meghan said.

She continued, “It happened obviously to Hillary Clinton, it’s now happening to Joe Biden, I think it’s the lowest common denominator, the dirtiest form of politics. I think on both sides we should stop it, I think it’s disgusting. It’s actually hurtful, can be very harmful to families in that position.”

Then, McCain goes on to feign fake outrage over Trump calling Biden “slow.”

“The implication that he’s slow or whatever, that’s dog-whistles about his health, and I think here and now we have to put an end to that because I really think it’s really bad for the country, and I think it’s just the lowest form of garbage,” Meghan declared.

“Especially since he’s one cheeseburger away from keeling over himself! laughed Joy Behar.

The truth is that it is every American’s right and duty to vote for the best candidate. In fact, Meghan McCain’s sanctimonious rant is fake. She doesn’t believe a word of it.

She was one of the worst offenders in 2016 making fun of Hillary’s health.

“The average American who sees a minute on TMZ of Hillary Clinton fainting and looking like ‘Bernie’ in ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ is a lot more powerful than any reporting anywhere,” said Meghan on Fox News in 2016. “That is what she looked like! I’m standing by my reporting of that no matter how politically incorrect it is.”

Joy Behar also shouldn’t be shaming people who question Biden’s health. It was the 76-year-old co-host who claimed Mike Pence’s Christian faith was a mental illness. “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you,” said Behar. “Hearing voices qualifies as a ‘mental illness.”‘

Another thing that is echoing 2016 are the so-called polls. Once again, the leftist media is claiming Biden is way ahead of Trump in most polls.

“The Fake News has never been more dishonest than it is today. Thank goodness we can fight back on social media,” Trump said today. “Their new weapon of choice is fake polling, sometimes referred to as suppression polls — they suppress the numbers.”

If Biden was so far ahead in the polls, then why is the leftist media so upset over anyone questioning his health and stamina? Why do the shrews have to shame Americans for speculating on Biden’s recent public gaffes? The truth is there is no way the former vice-president is enjoying poll numbers the mainstream media report, and no one is buying what Behar and McCain are selling.

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