Leslie Jones: ‘Burn Down This F*cking Constitution,’ She Gets Epic Smackdown

Former Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones says people participating in the nationwide “protests” in response to the police-involved death of George Floyd should focus on one thing, and that is to “burn down the Constitution.” Jones proudly claimed she “burned sh*t down” during the Los Angles riots of 1992. She added it’s time to “destroy our entire system” with total anarchy. Well, that’s when she got an epic smackdown she never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Leslie Jones (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Leslie Jones isn’t holding back. She is outing the far-leftist agenda that some Democrats in Congress support, and that agenda is a total rejection of our Consitution and total anarchy. It’s the same agenda that Antifa supports. That’s why we see Hollywood celebrities bailing out the rioters and looters.

For most Americans, this is as scary as it gets. If the Democrats ever got power, America as we know it would be destroyed.

“I love that you guys are protesting and see how quick you did it. But I’m gonna tell you, to get the f*ck what you really want, we’re going to have to change the f*cking system. And to change the system, we have to f*cking vote,” Jones said, reflecting on her role in the 1992 Los Angeles riots and expressing admiration for protesters.

During the 1992 riots, Jones took part in “burning sh*t down!” 

“I was 22 when the 92 riots happened, and I’m telling you I tore sh*t up!” Jones said with pride. “I had a sledgehammer and all that sh*t. We tore sh*t up son. Real talk. It was like ‘F*ck that.’ Burn the sh*t down, burn the sh*t down! If we can’t have nothing, they can’t have nothing. F*ck it, f*ck it, f*ck it.”

The 52-year-old comedian then reflected that doing all that destruction changed nothing. In fact, she also said that much of the areas that were burned down never came back. So, instead of looking deep into the situation and realizing that all police officers are not bad and that what happened to George Floyd was an isolated incident, Jones wants to double down.

“You want to burn down buildings? Burn down this f*cking Constitution,” Jones adds. “And we do that by f*cking lifting our voice, by f*cking voting… That’s how we really show them.”

The problem with the left is their agenda is built on lies. 

There are good and evil people in every occupation. There are good and evil people on the right and on the left. Burning down our Constitution, which is the very foundation of our free society that gives us the right to free speech and to peacefully protest and assemble, would be the end of our liberty.

Jones is so brainwashed she fails to realize it’s our Constitution that is giving her the right to say “burn down the Constitution.” If she lived in a liberal utopia like Cuba or Venezuela, she would be arrested for speaking against the government.

The Constitution would be replaced by their leftwing agenda. Free speech would be history. Those in opposition to the leftwing agenda would not be allowed to protest or assemble. Our guns would be confiscated. They would tell us this is all for our own good to make America a better place.

Americans blasted Leslie Jones for her ignorant, dangerous rhetoric. 

“If she doesn’t like our ‘f*cking Constitution,’ I would invite her to consider living somewhere else. There are no bars on the exits,” tweeted “UrMum.”


“Don’t you just love it when people who have had the freedom to reach the pinnacle of success in their field…..presume to piss on the Constitution that gave them that freedom……?” tweeted Phil Rack.

“If you do not like this country and its Glorious Constitution the move you liberal socialist a** to Venezuela!!! I’m sure I can find you a ONE WAY ticket!!!” tweeted Lyle Stevens.

“Just what we need. Another Hollywood leftist screaming about burning more sh*t down. Guess she doesn’t understand that she’s using the most important amendment (the 1st) to say what she’s saying,” tweeted Debbie Trotter.

“This is evidence of the mental trash that the Left produces through their outlets like SNL. Such ignorance in wanting to torch the document which gives us individual freedom. #ScaryStupid #WalkAway,” tweeted Audrey Russo.

The nationwide “protests” referred to by Jones have wreaked havoc and destruction across American towns and cities, and in many cases against black-owned businesses and majority-black communities. As well as the vandalism and looting of dozens of public and privately owned institutions, including the Lincoln Memorial, there have also been countless acts of violence against innocent citizens and police.

Instead of recognizing these thugs as criminals, Jones makes excuses for them. And why wouldn’t she? The former SNL star is proud of her days as one of those common thugs burning “sh*t” down.

She’s so brainwashed and full of herself, it never occurs to her that it’s time she apologizes for all the lives she destroyed and businesses she ruined in 1992. But then again, Jones would have to feel remorse for her criminal past, and to her and her leftwing cohorts, she did nothing wrong.

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