Levin: ‘Don’t Pretend Any of This is Normal,’ Strange Vehicles Spotted In Michigan

Mark Levin, who is a Fox News contributor and radio host, weighed in on the Election Night happenings on Wednesday morning. Levin blasted the Democrats and their media cohorts, suggesting they were following a playbook to make sure the election remained up in the air. Making matters worse, poll watchers in Michigan are reporting strange vehicles turning up in the middle of the night. Don’t miss this.

Mark Levin (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Conservative radio host and noted attorney Mark Levin wrote Wednesday morning that many of the voting procedures that contributed to the unusual result in the 2020 election were both extraordinary and unacceptable.

In a Facebook post, Levin wrote:

Let’s step back. I’ve been hearing commentators trying to normalize all these changes to voting procedures and court interventions and acting like this has gone on throughout our history or was compelled by the virus. That’s clearly not true. Mail-in voting was pushed hard by the Democrats and they’ve filed scores of lawsuits to change the rules set by state legislatures.

Unfortunately, activist courts have been more than happy to accommodate many of them and the Supreme Court failed to put its foot down. No, none of us recall a time like this when so many crucial state counts are delayed.

There’s also a legitimate concern about backdoor voter harvesting in some areas. And we know for a fact that cities like Philadelphia have a problematic history. So let’s not pretend that this has been a routine election. Many of the same forces that rejected Trump’s 2016 election have tried to manipulate the system this time as well.

Last night, President Trump was leading significantly in several swing states including Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

President Trump had a significant lead in Michigan late last night. Then, around 4 AM poll watchers were put on high alert and were sent back to Michigan precincts as something hinky went down.

This Michigan poll watcher reported: 

Last night at TLC (formerly Cobo Hall) where absentee ballots for Wayne County (Detroit) are being counted, a Ferrari, a van and a Chrysler 300 (I think) all pulled up into facility (large garage doors) with ballots inside vehicles. All three of them had out of state plates. This is an ANONYMOUS tip.

Also, they’re counting military ballots now. I heard around 7k.

Every military ballot has to be duplicated (re-written). I don’t know why. This is very concerning.

Yes. The part about the vehicles.

They’re saying Trump has no chance of winning here. Also, John James does have a chance.

I’ll be in touch.

Make sure you say allegedly. I got the intel from ************  and a GOP Challenger who was here all night.

It should be accurate. Lawyer says someone took photos of Ferrari and Chrysler.

No one took photos or recorded info on van!!!!!!!

Like front lic plate number.

The van pulled in so you couldn’t see their back plate. Could’ve had a MI plate on back.

We don’t have front plates in MI so it’s possible they had a MI plate on back of van. More likely they didn’t want anyone to record it.

This was possibly the plan by the Democrats and their media comrades all along. We warned Americans that Joe Biden had no real way to win, and that was backed up by numbers all night long.

“Georgia and North Carolina are mathematically impossible for a Biden win,” said Richard Baris of “Big Data Polling” on Wednesday morning during a live-stream of Steve Bannon’s “War Room.”

Baris went on to explain Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were leaning heavily for Trump when the Democrats pulled the plug. Remember, Biden had underperformed Hillary Clinton’s numbers in key swing state counties.

This affected Michigan and Wisconsin where something “strange” happened, again.

“Biden didn’t hit his turnout marks all night,” Baris added. “It was obvious those states were done for Biden. That’s why the victory for Trump looked bigger than in 2016. They [Democrats] were ‘holding holding holding’ then miraculously the numbers came in around 4 am were just the right numbers Biden needed with 95 percent of the vote going to Joe Biden…it was number counting.”

President Trump made it clear late last night when he addressed the nation. 

“This is a fraud on the American public…We were getting ready to win this election…frankly we DID win this election”——Trump said at 2:29 AM from the White House. “We won this election…we’ll take it to the Supreme Court.”

We can expect what happened in 2000 to happen once again unless Arizona pulls it out for Trump and Pennslyvania holds. Pollster Richard Baris, along with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says Trump can still win Arizona, and with Pennslyvania up by over 700,000 for Trump, that combination wins Trump a second term.

The Democrats are trying to sell Americans on this notion they have millions in mail-in ballots not counted. It’s an unlikely possibility. Stay tuned, this is going to be a wild and anxious ride from here on out.

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