McCabe Indictment In Jeopardy, Deep State Working Overtime To Protect Obama

Andrew McCabe, the former Deputy Director of the FBI, was well on his way to be indicted according to many news sources — until today. We now are getting troubling reports that the grand jury has still not voted to indict. It’s quite extraordinary that a grand jury ever declines to indict, and that would suggest the deep state is working overtime to protect Barack Obama for one huge reason. You don’t want to miss this.

Barack Obama, President Donald Trump, and Andrew McCabe (Photo Credit: Screenshots)

Breaking news this afternoon from the New York Times and the Washington Post is sending shockwaves across Capitol Hill. “Lawyers for the former F.B.I. deputy director Andrew G. McCabe, a frequent target of President Trump, have asked federal prosecutors whether a secret grand jury refused to indict him, which would be a sign that the government is struggling to make a case against him,” The Times reports.

CNN analyst and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti said, “If it’s true that the grand jury refused to indict McCabe, that would be remarkable. That never happened to me in over nine years as a federal prosecutor.”

This is textbook Friday afternoon dirty pool by deep state rats.

If the anti-Trump forces in the swamp want to drop any news that is detrimental to their cause, they do it always on Friday afternoon when all of the White House and pro-Trump people have left for the day. Making this situation ever more suspect is McCabe’s attorney, Micheal Bromwich.

“Bromwich, a former inspector general within the DOJ/FBI, is part of the corrupt FBI operational system we have seen surface over the past year,” the Conservative Treehouse reports. Bromwich was also the man who represented Christine Blasely Ford.

Bromwich wrote to the DOJ: “[W]e heard rumors from reporters starting this morning that the grand jury considering charges against Mr. McCabe had declined to vote an indictment.”

To understand the importance of Mccabe’s indictment, you must understand the big picture and how this case against the deep state rats must be built. 

McCabe’s indictment should be a no brainer and should have happened months ago.

“While an indictment of McCabe is a positive step toward accountability for the corrupt ‘small group’ within the DOJ/FBI, the fact that McCabe is afforded a back-and-forth debate on the issues only highlights the ridiculous prism of tiered justice and politics,” CTH adds.

“The OIG investigation of McCabe, and the subsequent criminal referral, was finalized over 18 months ago. No ordinary citizen, other than well-connected [deep state rats], would be granted such considerations,” CTH concludes.

Andrew McCabe’s indictment would be the first domino to fall in building the case of fraud, conspiracy, and possibly treason of those Obama-era officials in the FBI, CIA, and Obama’s cabinet who knowingly weaponized the U.S. Intelligence Agencies for political purposes — namely, to bring down Donald Trump.

Large criminal cases rely upon starting small and building up to the big felonies. McCabe’s lying to investigators may seem like a trivial crime, but if he doesn’t fall it becomes really difficult to get the big fish — James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and Barack Obama.

This is why we see Bromwich write this letter about the grand jury “not indicting.” Even Fox News is calling it “an unusual email.” We can see no reason to write this as it’s not based on fact. How does Bromwich know what happened inside this grand jury?

Bromwich has a long history with Barack Obama. He has given thousands of dollars to his campaigns and was appointed by Obama to a very lucrative position to “fix the oil industry oversight.”

Bromwich knows if McCabe gets indicted, it will start looking really bleak for his former boss. At this point, if it is true the grand jury declined to vote to indict, it will be the biggest shocker to hit D.C. in the last year. The old saying by attorneys is “a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.” It’s the prosecution’s big show, and there is no defense.

It also means most conservative politicos will be questioning what went on in that grand jury. Did someone “get” to them? All we can do is wait and watch. If Andy McCabe gets off here, Americans should be righteously angry and demand accountability from AG Bill Barr immediately.

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