Meghan In America: Forces Harry To Sell Prized Gun Collection, Cries ‘Racism’

Meghan Markle and her husband Harry have moved to the United States to start their “new life” as leftwing activists. So far, Meghan is abusing the First and Second Amendments by trying to shut down free speech by calling it “racism” and by forcing poor Harry, who was an avid hunter, to get rid of his guns. Well, Meghan found out Americans aren’t welcoming her back with open arms. You’ll love this.

Harry, Meghan Markle, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Meghan Markle is finding out life outside the palace isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. The 38-year-old former cable TV actress wanted her “freedom” after spending 18 months as the Duchess of Sussex where she was expected to “serve” the British people.

Meghan Markle just sued British tabloids and lost. She did not like the tabloids giving her “bad press.” 

“The couple, who have moved to Los Angeles, notified The Mail and three other tabloids — The Sun, The Daily Mirror and The Daily Express — that they would no longer engage with them. In a letter, a spokesman for the couple accused the papers of ‘distorted, false or invasive’ coverage,” New York Times reports. 

Is there anything more laughable than a celebrity suing the tabloids for publishing unfavorable reports on them? Meghan and Harry claimed they just want “their privacy” and do not want to be bothered by the paparazzi. Then, they would stage photoshoots and call the press. Their behavior is truly disgraceful.

Reports say Meghan and Harry have been renting a place out in Malibu but seem to have run into money problems. It’s not so easy to keep up that lavish lifestyle living in one of the most expensive places in the world.

Which brings us to Harry being forced to sell his prized rifle collection. 

Harry was an avid hunter and took part in shoots a few times a year. It was his hobby, but “Meghan didn’t like it” and told her husband to sell his collection.

“A fellow hunter bought the pair of prized Purdey firearms, thought to be worth at least £50,000, in a private deal,” The Sun reported.

“Harry learnt to shoot as a child and once killed a one-ton buffalo,” the outlet said. “But Meghan is opposed to hunting and pals hinted the Duke of Sussex would give up to appease her.”

Conservationist Jane Goodall, 86, said last week that Harry would likely stop hunting to please Meghan.

Goodall told Radio Times that Harry and brother Prince William “were champions of the natural world.”

“Except they hunt and shoot,” she added. “But I think Harry will stop because Meghan doesn’t like hunting.”

We guess the guns didn’t fit with Markle’s image. She is out to sell herself and Harry as leftwing activists, and they are hoping to set up some type of organization to dupe people into donating. So, when an American best-selling author called the former Duchess a “phony” and “unmaternal,” Meghan cried “racism.”

“An international bestselling author has been accused of racism after she publicly bashed a video of Meghan Markle reading to her son Archie on his first birthday, branding the Duchess of Sussex ‘phony’ and ‘unmaternal,'” Daily Mail reports. 

Emily Giffin, 48, who lives in Atlanta, wrote the 2005 book Something Borrowed, which was later turned into a movie starring Kate Hudson and John Krasinski.

However, on Wednesday, she made headlines for a very different reason, after taking to Instagram to share a text conversation she had with a friend in which the two of them slammed Meghan, accusing her of trying to get “attention” and of looking “fake and forced” in the video.

Immediately, sources called media outlets complaining of “racism,” even though Griffin’s remarks had nothing to do with Meghan Markle’s race.

This is a tactic Markle has used in the past. She or her staffers call the press and make complaints that Meghan is not being “treated fairly” and is being “attacked by vicious racists.” Of course, using the buzzword “racist” is something we see leftists pull all the time.

Americans trashed Meghan and Harry on social media. 

“Ugh…@princeharryh goes pansy to please the leftist wifey, @MeghanMarkleR,” tweeted Amanda Bealmear.

“Liberal Logic: Get rid of your security detail and sell your guns. ‘Meghan Doesn’t Like It’: Harry Sells Rifle Collection To Reportedly Please Meghan,” tweeted Youngha Koh.

“I can understand a romp or two, but marry her? Harry my man, you let your pocket-willy take over your brain. Sorry old chap. You’re in it now,” tweeted Twitter user “Ken.”

So Meghan doesn’t like to be part of his family, she doesn’t want to be a Princess, she doesn’t want to live in England, she doesn’t like that #Harry owns guns & is a hunter. Why did she even marry him?” tweeted Andreas C. Hellmann. 

“Gosh, just when I thought he didn’t have anything left (like gonads) to give up for her,” tweeted “Gillian F.”

“There are things you ought to know about your partner BEFORE popping the question. Her stance on firearms would be one of those things,” tweeted Ryan Michler.

“If my wife…SMH She split your family, disrespect your grandmother and take your guns…? Harry what the hell,” tweeted “@DBlackondRight.”

It’s really hard to feel sorry for these two. Harry allows his wife to split up his family and move him halfway around the world to California, and he does nothing as she continues to cry racism.

The British people feel Harry abandoned them. Now, Americans see Meghan trampling free speech by accusing people of racism when the truth is she can’t force anyone to like her. American men now see Harry as a “wimp” who could not stand up to his wife to keep his prized gun collection.

Not a great start in the United States.

The beleaguered couple is in for a rude awakening if they think Americans are going to believe they are here to “help” with whatever so-called “charitable” organization they are setting up. Americans hate being lectured, especially by two big crybabies who believe the world owes them.

We owe them nothing, and they might just want to pack their bags and go back to Britain. Americans are sick and tired of so-called celebrities telling us how to live.

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