Meghan McCain: Pres. Bone Spurs Is Scared, Polls Say He’s Losing – Gets Rude Awakening

Meghan McCain claims President Donald Trump is “quite scared” over the George Floyd situation. The daughter of Senator John McCain declared that “president bone spurs is neutered” by the latest mainstream polls indicating Joe Biden will win the election. Well, that’s when poor Meg got a rude awakening she never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Meghan McCain (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

It’s five months until the presidential election, which is considered a lifetime in politics. Veteran political consultants will tell you the last two weeks of an election is what matters as most Americans do not make up their mind five months out.

But don’t tell Meghan McCain. She was so giddy on Monday believing her beloved Joe Biden was gaining traction over this Floyd situation. Poor Meghan couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Talking about the politics of this situation is really fascinating because for the first time we’re seeing [Trump] really start to flatline in polls,” McCain claimed. “Biden, for the first time, has over 50 percent. There’s a new CNN poll that just came out that has Biden up nationally by 14 percent. Eighty percent of Americans in a Washington Post poll said that America is on the wrong track.”

Wow, a CNN and a Washington Post poll? Does Meghan not remember the polls in 2016? Every single mainstream poll said on Election Day that Hillary Clinton would win by a large margin. Only one mainstream poll got it right, and that was the USC/L.A. Times poll. No one paid attention to that one.

In May, an SSRS poll that targeted 15 battleground states found Biden losing. Trump leads Biden in the poll across those states 52 percent to 45 percent. However, CNN claimed the poll was wrong.

Now, after the Floyd situation, the leftwing media is saying Trump is now losing by a wide margin. What a joke. The mayhem on the streets favors law and order, and that’s not coming from the Biden campaign.

“So, I have been really sort of grossly fascinated by how neutered President Trump and his administration has been by this extreme crisis,” Meghan declared. “He hasn’t given an interview or an address to the nation. All he has done as you pointed out, Whoopi, was crossing the street and hold up a Bible quite awkwardly, which might work for some people in his base, but it’s certainly not working for the vast majority of our population.”

Trump has addressed the nation several times. Sure, he has not given an Oval Office address because that would only give additional traction to the rioters and looters. The Trump White House also put out this video of the president’s speech, called “healing not hatred,” on Floyd’s death and the aftermath:

Meghan claims Biden can bring more law and order than Trump. 

“Is the message of law and order one that can be effective?” McCain asked. “Yes. Is it something that worked very effectively for president Nixon in ’68? Yes. That’s the argument being made. The argument I would make is President Nixon was an incredibly shrewd politician on many different levels, and if there’s anything we have seen for the past 13 days, it’s that this is a moment in which President Trump has always prided himself and shown himself to be this big, bad tough guy.”

“But all I see is president bone spurs who seems like he’s quite scared of the crisis that’s coming out in front of him,” Meghan said. “And it has been horrifying because our nation really needs leadership right now, and equally politically fascinating.”

Does Meghan McCain actually believe Joe Biden, the man who is cognitively impaired, is the guy who can lead the free world? Apparently, that is exactly what she is saying. He is also pandering to Black Lives Matter who calls for defunding the police.

President Donald Trump’s campaign gave Meghan McCain and her beloved candidate Joe Biden a rude awakening for failing to reject the radical leftist movement to “defund the police.”

“Defunding the police is exactly what this movement means,” Campaign Communication Director Tim Murtaugh said in a call with reporters. “Joe Biden is complicit in this and he does not have the strength to stand up to the extremists that are now calling the shots in the party, and he would contribute to the chaos.”

Few Americans support calls to abolish or defund the police: 9 in 10 black, white, and Hispanic Americans oppose reducing the number of police officers in their community, says a Cato Institute poll.

A Yahoo/​YouGov poll found that 51% felt the Minneapolis protests were mostly violent riots, not peaceful. This may be why a Morning Consult poll found that 71% of Americans support sending in the national guard to address the protests.

Presidential mainstream polls are conducted in such a way to do one thing: support the Democrats. Meghan McCain might want to hold off celebrating a Biden victory as most Americans just want law and order on the streets, and they want the Trump economy back. Joe Biden, with his pandering to radical leftists and his mental impairment, have zero to offer to the American people.

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