Nadler Claims Americans Too Stupid To Understand Impeachment, Trump Destroys Him

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President Donald Trump just angered Rep. Jerry Nadler and his Democrat cohorts. The House Judiciary Committee Chairman claimed Americans are too stupid to understand what are “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and he gave the president an ultimatum on impeachment. That’s when Trump told Nadler and his buddies to go pound sand. You don’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump, Rep. Jerry Nadler (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

The Democrats are continuing to run an impeachment scam on Americans. We all remember Adam Schiff’s public “impeachment inquiry” hearings before Thanksgiving. According to Schiff and Pelosi, those public hearings were supposed to be “investigating if the president committed high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Now, even though Schiff has not published his findings on that so-called investigation, Schiff and Pelosi are moving to their next phase as if they did find “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Can anything be more ridiculous?

The Democrats are in a meltdown behind the scenes. In fact, the first hearing this Wednesday in Nadler’s Judiciary Committee is not a hearing at all.

The Democrats claim Wednesday’s hearing will be “focusing on constitutional and legal issues.” The Democrats will parade a bunch of so-called Constitutional scholars to explain to Americans why Trump should be impeached.

Nadler claims their case against Trump is too complicated for middle-class Americans to understand, and that’s why they will devote an entire public hearing to school you on why Trump must be impeached. Talk about totally condescending, Nalder and his Democrat cohorts claim you are too stupid to understand the finer points of the law and that’s why public support for impeachment is so low.

“[Nadler] explained in a letter to Trump that the hearing will discuss the historical and constitutional basis for impeachment, as well as the intent of terms such as ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ for which a president can be removed,” USA TODAY reports. 

It’s also so funny how with Richard Nixon’s impeachment or Bill Clinton’s, Americans did not need a tutorial. They are running this like a real clown show with smoke and mirrors, but the truth is there is no crime. That’s why Americans aren’t on board.

Nadler sent the White House two deadlines. 

Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, tasked with considering charges known as articles of impeachment, had given the president until 6 p.m. EST (2300 GMT) on Sunday to say whether he or his legal counsel will participate in an impeachment hearing on Wednesday.

House Judiciary Chairman Nadler has also set a 5 p.m. EST (2200 GMT) deadline on Friday for Trump to say whether he intends to mount a defense at further proceedings expected next week that would examine the evidence against him.

That’s when President Trump basically told Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to pound sand, he won’t participate in this week’s impeachment hearings.

“The White House said in a letter on Sunday to the chairman of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee that President Donald Trump would not send representation to a Wednesday impeachment hearing,” Reuters reports. 

Pat Cipollone, counsel to the president, said in the letter to Democrat Jerrold Nadler, which was seen by Reuters, that Trump’s team “cannot fairly be expected to participate in a hearing while the witnesses are yet to be named and while it remains unclear whether the Judiciary Committee will afford the president a fair process through additional hearings.”

Cipollone also said in the letter that the White House would respond separately regarding a second hearing by the deadline of Friday.

“‘The Democrats don’t have any evidence, but they are still going to do it anyway. That’s the sham that’s going on here.’ @jasoninthehouse Chaffetz,” Trump tweeted.

Trump refuses to give these bogus impeachment hearings legitimacy. The Democrats tried to trap him and failed.

“This is transparently an attempt by Nadler and [their anti-Trump team of attorneys] to give legitimacy to an illegitimate political exercise. The hearing purpose is framed as a trap to pull the White House in, and thereby create the optics of constitutional legitimacy.  Strong caution is advised and I would not be surprised to see the White House refuse to participate,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

How can Nalder’s Judiciary Committee construct a hearing on the framework of impeachment without the results from the impeachment inquiry report?

Oh, but you’ll hear the Democrats and their media co-conspirators claim Trump is refusing to take part in this phase because he is guilty. Nice try! This is still not a legitimate process. If Schiff and Pelosi wanted to make this a legitimate process then first they would have Schiff’s findings from the impeachment inquiry hearings which must state real “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Secondly, Pelosi would then have to take a vote on the House floor to move forward with impeachment. How can the House of Representatives “impeach” a president when they have failed to take a vote to do so? And don’t confuse Pelosi’s vote from a few weeks ago. That was a vote on Schiff’s “impeachment inquiry,” not a vote on real articles of impeachment.

“Good. It’s a fraud in every aspect & should not be legitimized. It is nothing more than the bankrupt DNC using tax-payer dollars for their 2020 campaign of lies,” tweeted Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce.

This impeachment scam continues to be just a clown show. The Democrats struck out with Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry hearings which were meant to bolster public support. Instead of bolstering public support, Americans rejected the Democrats’ so-called case. You can’t make up “high crimes and misdemeanors” out of thin air.

Now, with less than a year to the next election, the majority of Americans say let’s stop wasting our time and our taxpayer dollars on this charade. The Democrats have every opportunity to make their so-called case against Trump in the upcoming 2020 election. We will watch the presidential debates and consider what each party has to say, and Americans will then vote. This is how our Republic has sustained this great nation for over 200 years. We the People decide, not a bunch of highly partisan Congressmen.

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